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Is Donald Trump Finished?

There is quite an intimate relationship between government, corporations, banks and the media. The elitists have arranged it this way. The system is rigged and the establishment wants the status quo to remain in place for obvious reasons, power, control and personal financial gain. There is an agenda well in motion towards a one world government, a one world currency and a one world justice system and America just seems to keep getting in the way (so long as they have their guns and a voice). What does this have to do with Donald Trump? Is Donald Trump in harms way? Is his campaign for the Presidency finished? I will get to this in just one moment.

What does JFK, RFK, MLK, John Lennon, Gandhi and Donald Trump have in common? They all were a threat to the established order. They each challenged the power centers within the structured and controlled establishment.

President John F. Kennedy was attempting to put an end to the Vietnam War as well as returning to the system whereby our money supply was backed by not only gold but also by silver thus diminishing the need and powers of the Federal Reserve. JFK paid the ultimate price. Robert Kennedy also bucked the system as attorney general when he went after organized crime (The Mafia), as well as his stance on ending racial in-equality in the United States. He too paid the ultimate price. Then we have Dr. Martin Luther King who clearly stood for what is just and right in the eyes of God and in accordance with the U.S. Constitution and that is equal rights for all men and women regardless of race or religion etc. He exemplified the term civil disobedience and to peacefully assembly and he too paid the ultimate sacrifice. John Lennon who stood for peace was very influential and very popular throughout the world. His outspoken stance against the Vietnam War led him to a five year failed deportation case during the Nixon administration. Later John Lennon was gunned down in the streets of New York in the city and country he fought for years to be able to call his home. Mahatma Gandhi perhaps led one of the greatest examples of civil disobedience ever for a free India and he too was assassinated.

Today we have Donald J. Trump the anti-establishment candidate (like him or not), with tremendous support (at the time of this writing) as indicated by most all if not all polls in an eerily similar situation. He has one thing in common with the aforementioned and now historical figures and that is he is challenging the status quo and the establishment. And they are collectively going after him with a vengeance, after all they have much to lose. Britain’s David Cameron, the democrats at large, his GOP contenders, and of course the mainstream media are coming after Trump and this will continue and will escalate nationally and internationally with perhaps some spoken support here and there.

So is Donald Trump’s run for the Presidency finished? Or has he just gained even more support? Time will tell. They will do whatever it takes to see that Trump does not succeed. Does Donald Trump have more to lose than the nomination or election? Is Trump’s life in danger? If history is any indication, perhaps the answer is yes.

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