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It’s Either Us Or Them

This is it. We have this chance for perhaps the very first time in recent history to reverse this dwindling spiral into the ruling elites tyrannical, totalitarian global governance police state. We came so close to losing it all should crooked Hillary have won the election. Trump and the Resurrection of America offers hope and promise to not only America but for all of civilization. The course correction we needed has finally arrived and perhaps by the Grace of God. So get on board my friends as this is it. It’s either us or them.

It’s Either Us Or Them

Don’t underestimate President Trump. He is playing three-dimensional chess with the world and making significant progress on a daily basis. As talked about in my book “Trump and the Resurrection of America“, we may very well see Nuremberg style trials here in America taking on war criminals, pedophiles, election fraud engineering and a long list of Constitutional violations. Once they proceed to go after Hillary Clinton, the rest will be exposed. Comey, Obama, Clinton’s, Bushes, Loretta Lynch, Podesta and a very long list of Democrats and Republicans who may have committed crimes and felonies and many even treason to the United States. These will be the trials of the century. I for one cannot wait to see this come to be. Again all roads tell me we are heading there and sooner then one may think. Remember this is it. It’s either us or them.

This one is for all the marbles. Our civilization is entering the beginning stages of a major collision, and a much needed course correction is in order. President Trump and we the people must meet this challenge. Failure is not an option. Don’t think for one second that the shadow government and the deep state are going to let up, they will not. Dangerous days no doubt. This is in fact an all out war and failure is not an option. Trump does not like to lose-he is a winner and the greatest challenge of his life is now before him. President Trump needs our help. Donate here – and see below.

Get on Board

It is important to know what the enemy’s strategy is so request your once confidential and private report by media matters David Brock whose unlimited funding program and mission is to delegitimize Trump and remove him from office, then expose what you can on social media to help counter the attacks against Trump, and we the “depolrables” along with all freedom minded people across the globe. I also encourage you to learn more about PollMole which has been discussed with Donald Trump and is about to make polling history. Ask for your free E-book -“What is PollMole“. And lastly become skillful at detecting truth from lies in the age of fake news. Breaking free from programmed thinking, Hegelian Dialectic, Problem-Reaction-Solution and identifying False Flags are critical. This is critical first for ourselves individually and then for those around us. So get on board. This is it. It’s either us or them.

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