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Levels and Layers They Are All Going Down

Levels and Layers They Are All Going Down

What we must come to understand is that this peaceful overthrow of the deep state and he shadow government has begun. Quite frankly, it began about three years ago but as of recent, with the Mueller witch hunt exposed for what it was, an illegal treasonous failed coup d’etat attempt against a duly elected and most popular President I might add, the hunters have now become the hunted. Many of us are beyond frustrated and ask why don’t we just arrest them. Some are more jaded and apathetic having been programmed over our lifetime to believe “they”, those in power, will never be held accountable. I am here to say, have faith, trust the plan. It is indeed unfolding as it should. They are all going down. It’s either us or them. We have reached steps 6, 7 and 8 on the scale of discovery and action. Wake up. Get others to wake up. Get with the program. This is for all the marbles!

Layers and Levels

IG report did not indict Comey. “No worries”, FISA will bring down the house. Stay tuned. For starters, just know that very thorough investigations are underway on many, many fronts. This goes far beyond investigating the investigators from the Mueller witch hunt. There is also the Epstein case. This too is well underway and this alone will bring down the house. Then there are scores and scores of other issues being addressed like re-opening the 911 investigation as bits of data are now coming out as I will write about soon. Meanwhile you can check out Military Alert as well as this article and this video. Not too mention that the state department has the 33,000 e-mails that Clinton bleached. Trump told us this at the Orlando rally in 2019 as well as other sources including Joe Degenova. We must also come to realize that the Global Financial Reset is also in motion and Trump has begun to reverse globalism. Learn more here in this weekly report. We will see the Federal Reserve and the IRS  in broad daylight after the Trump landslide election as Trump restores power to the power with perhaps a gold backed currency as the global economic and monetary systems are realigned. I can go on and on and on. Then there is eight years of President Don Jr. We do have a chance to resurrect America. But there are no guarantees.


This is America’s second revolution. It is an intel battle. Evil is being exposed. Truths are being revealed in the age of Trump transparency. We haven’t seen anything seen yet. Just know this. Bit by bit. Hour by hour, day by day, we are drawing in on them. They are panicking. They are desperate. They have NOTHING on Trump. Timing and optics. If you cannot see this yet, if you cannot see that we are hunting them down with the hammer of justice about to begin to fall, layer by layer and level by level, then you must seek new sources for content in the age of fake news. Get with the program. Oh and yes, in due time, we shall take down the Clinton’s and the Obama’s and so many in between. The Bush’s are already under control.

Brace yourself for your stable data to be shaken to the core, for your world to be rocked, as the disruptive uncomfortable truths are revealed and people are hauled away. Day by day, layer by layer, level by level. This swamp runs far deeper than you can fathom. Stay safe. Be prepared as this is a dangerous fight for our nations survival that will go on for some years to come. But know this. With God, Trump and we the people, we are winning. And so I ask you, when your children ask you “What were you doing when the global governance was being trust down the throat of America and the world, what will your answer be?” Freedom, it’s up to us. Get busy fighting the fight. Get busy living or get busty dying. WWG1WGA

Levels and Layers They Are All Going Down


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