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LGBT An Open Letter

LGBT An Open Letter

Dear LGBT,

This LGBT an open letter is addressed to all LGBT’s and this includes family members and my LGBT friends throughout the world. Serious threats to your existence are now front and center and will continue to escalate unless something is done. You are a target. This is a time to be a realist and to put politics aside, your life depends on it, think “Pulse”, Orlando.

I must say that I have been a critical thinker for as long as I can remember. As a child I questioned everything even if just silently in my mind. My book Misconceptions and Course Corrections will provide in depth insights as to my views of life and the world in which we live. I would like for you to have a copy of this book. Subscribe here and receive a free digital copy of the book. Read about it here. Let me continue now in this open letter to LGBT.

For many years now I consider myself a political atheist. You see to me it really is a two headed one party system each serving the same master, that being the ruling power elites and the New World Order. Each party has collectively over the years destroyed America for example under Bush I, Clinton, Bush II and Obama. After all America is now a very dangerous and divided nation and the largest debtor nation in the world. The problems we face right now and tomorrow are numerous. If this concept seems unreal to you, I encourage you to explore some of the many blog posts here on this website and the sourced links within each post to help get you up to speed as you do your due diligence. This may be a good starting point for many as well as reading my book Misconceptions and Course Corrections. Before I begin let me make it very clear (as well laid out in my book), that I am neither a homophobe nor Islamaphobe. I have gay and Muslim friends in America and in many other countries that I have traveled to and lived in.

Your Life Is In Danger

It is no secret that radical Islamic terrorists want to hunt down and kill gay men and transgenders, irrefutable fact. I will spare you the images, you have seen them. The punishment for being gay is simply death. They are often hung and some times thrown off of buildings or massacred like in Orlando. It is cheered and celebrated. As far as women are concerned you are not off the hook either as the view and treatment of women straight or lesbian is also horrific as you well know. Witness what is taking place in Europe today as well as on the streets in the U.S. Women are considered property and are ranked perhaps a notch above an animal. You know the drill, you know the details concerning the treatment of women. You are their property. Expect to be enslaved, raped, stoned, beaten and or killed. You are very much a target make no mistake about this. Scare tactic? How about reality on a daily basis staring you in the face.

You Have A Choice To Make

This election cycle is so critical for America (and the world) in so many ways however I will only focus in this blog post on the election cycle as it pertains to the LGBT. It really is simple. You have a choice to make. I would strongly suggest taking a realist approach to this issue rather than being a flippant eternal optimist. It’s that serious. Pragmatist or purist? You decide. Presently, all indications come November, that we will chose between Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump (that could change).


Hillary Clinton is a globalist marching to the beat of the ruling elites NWO drum. Don’t take my word for it put some skin in the game take an objective approach and do your homework. Nationalism or Globalism? To remain on point as pertaining to LGBT’s, you must understand that Hillary Clinton will continue to bring in unvetted undocumented Muslims and “refugees” and she will increase this insurgence by 500% to boot. It’s all part of the Islamization plan for America and the western world. So where does that leave you? In harms way that’s where. Think it was challenging dealing with homophobia in America? Look ahead-it is now much more serious than that. Furthermore, Hillary Clinton has accepted and still accepts tens of millions of dollars if not more from Middle Eastern Muslim nations that carry out these horrific acts against gays and women on a daily basis. So with all these funds filling the campaign coffers and the Clinton Foundation (under FBI investigation I might add), leaves Hillary in a position to placate to her donors. She considers herself a champion for women? Oh the hypocrisy! This influx of undocumented Muslims and donations from terror sponsored nations who kill gays and treat women as slaves is what you can expect from Hillary Clinton. Prove me wrong.  And let us not forget how Hillary waged a war against women as she threatened and intimated the countless victims of her husband Bill Clinton during the Clinton years in Arkansas and in DC. This includes Hillary Clinton as an attorney defending a child rapist whom she got off scot-free knowing he committed the act. That’s Hillary Clinton end of story. Feel safe now?


Donald Trump is a nationalist versus Hillary the globalist. As you well know Trump will cease this undocumented migration into the U.S. as well as take on the radical Islamic terrorism which is spreading across the streets in America. Although Trump leans towards the sanctity of marriage to be between a man and a woman, he is otherwise most supportive of the LGBT community. What we are talking about here is which candidate will keep you safe? Again pragmatist or purist? Realist or flippant optimist? Donald Trump’s life long presence in the eye of the media along with his present campaign for president is evident as he shows no sign of hompohobia whatsoever. That’s Donald Trump in a nutshell on LGBT’s. Your safety as a member of the LGBT community is more assured with a Trump presidency, plain and simple.


You must realize that your life is in danger. The LGBT community has come a long way in terms of equal rights and over all social acceptance. With a Hillary presidency you can expect far worse than social acceptance and equal rights as her policies will create a very dangerous place for the LGBT community. I am beating a dead horse. Choose wisely come November at the ballot box. Your life depends on it.

I hope you weigh in here on this blog post and express your thoughts and feelings regarding the content in this open letter. I am curious as to the sentiment that is out there. I do know that since the Orlando massacre, that many LGBT’s have moved over into the Trump camp even if they do not necessarily agree with all of Mr. Trump’s campaign platform as they know their safety and their rights come first, wise in this one mans’ opinion. Thank you for reading this. Please share this post and please weigh in with your comments on this blog. Thank you and God Bless.

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