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Lunatic Left Implodes Instant Karma’s A Bitch

There is a pattern that has developed over the past year. Those that attack President Trump suffer the adverse consequences. You see the lunatic left implodes and instant karma’s a bitch. I stated in my book “Trump and the Resurrection of America”, that engaging in endless debates with the lunatic left is a complete waste of time and energy at this stage of our battle. Let them crash and burn. Let them self destruct. They are doing a fine job at that.

Lunatic Left Implodes Instant Karma’s A Bitch

There are far too many examples to list that support the notion of the title of this post. Here are but a few. The NFL stats (thanks to the boycotting patriots of this country) have crashed and continue to crash and this leftist campaign has failed with far stretching implications. People like Kathy Griffin with her tasteless, humorless gag, has had many shows cancelled and is fighting for the survival of her career. Then there is Megan Kelly whose career has for all intents and purposes ended. Jemele Hill from ESPN, was suspended for her swat at our President never mind CNN itself and its plummeting ratings and stock valuation. Hollywood’s cast of characters like Harvey Weinstein, Kevin Spacey and the recent box office flop of washed up actor and idiot, George Clooney, are all learning what instant karma is all about. Perhaps you can chime in and post a few others from the lunatic left whose lives and careers are suffering as a direct result of their actions against our President and this movement for humanity. The lunatic left implodes and instant karma’s a bitch.


And for you, the lunatic fringe who chooses violence, hate, no tolerance and crime against anyone who disagrees with you, I urge you to come to your senses or simply get out of the way. You will be dealt with later and it may not be pleasant. I will let you figure that one out on your own. You have already taken too much of my time. Like a pack of annoying, barking dogs chasing the fire engine, the fire engine accelerates forward to put out the real fire, saving your butt as well, although unbeknownst to you. And again, trust me, you will be dealt with later and it may not be pleasant. You have a choice and a decision to make. Choose wisely and be cognizant of your acts as Trump leads America’s second revolution from the clutches of the ruling elites quest for planetary domination. We have not bought into the false song of globalism and the New World Order, for America forever shall be free. And as true American’s, we will never give up. We will fight for what’s right for we are America. We are winning. The pendulum has shifted. Stay the course and stay safe for the dangers increase the more we win.

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