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Lynch Clinton Deception

There is more to the Lynch Clinton deception than meets the eye. Who could possibly believe that they just happened to cross paths at the airport and randomly decide to have a completely private discussion about their grandchildren. Lynch went on to say that their talk was “primarily” about personal matters and nothing else. Oh really? We will never really know what was discussed aboard that jet. But consider this.

Lynch Clinton Deception

U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch is presently engaged in two serious criminal investigations against Hillary Clinton. Judge Andrew Napolitano had this to say.”It is inconceivable that she would permit herself to have any kind of contact with the husband of the target of a criminal investigation. The appearance of impropriety is so profound no one can accept that she is now neutral in this case.”

Judge Jeanine Pirro on Fox and Friends also weighed in on this and said Loretta Lynch is not stepping aside nor is she recusing herself from the case. The Judge said she should recuse herself based on rule 14 of the Justice Department’s Ethics code. She notes that Lynch works for Obama who has endorsed Hillary and will begin campaigning for her. Both Bill Clinton and Loretta Lynch have the obligation to avoid even the appearance of impropriety. The Judge said the reason Hillary will not be indicted is because her first witness could be Barack Obama because she e-mailed President Obama from the private server and that he knew she had a private e-mail server which makes BHO complicit in this e-mail scandal case. This case being tried now could lead to a Constitutional crisis and therefore the case will more than likely be deferred until after the election. How convenient wouldn’t you say? Recently Hillary Clinton said that everyone knew that she had a private server that every one in Washington knew. Are you connecting the dots yet?


There is a mountain of substantial incriminating evidence to send Hillary Clinton away for a long time. Will the FBI director be bribed, blackmailed, threatened or killed should he indict Hillary? Will he be forced to deffer the case until after the election? Will there ever be an election? Will BHO (who hates Hillary with a passion) trigger Martial Law preventing elections all together leaving himself in power to complete his transformation of America into the New World Order? Well I will tell you this when Donald Trump says the system is rigged you had better believe it is. Banana Republic in skirts and suits on steroids! Deception at its finest brought to you by NWO puppets in Washington DC. Put on your seat belts there is much more to come between now and November.

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