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March Madness Ten Days Of Darkness

March Madness : 10 Days of Darkness

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To Trump – “You cant handle the storm”. Trump replies, “I am the storm”.

Well, you got some time on your hands now. So please read this then turn on your TV. Take a look outside. This is what swamp draining and a financial reset looks like. No-one said it was going to be easy. We are at war. The operation is now live. You don’t just flick a switch and seize power from these evil monsters. They will fight for blood until their power has been seized. This far transcends politics my friends. Keep reading. And yes. Mr. Hannity, I would be happy to appear on your show. The people need to know.

This article will cover the story behind the story. Read this article. I hope this helps. Perhaps I am preaching to the choir. If so, let us rejoice and sing our hearts out and get others to join in the band. If you are familiar with much of what has been written here, good, then pass it on to those who need to know what you know too. I shall begin with the headlines first, as we build towards revealing what is really going on here and what we can expect to unfold in the coming weeks, months and years to come. Oh and heads up! I have been informed that domestic air travel within the U.S. may be suspended any day now for perhaps a week or so. We shall see if and how this plays out.

“We are at war with an invisible enemy”, as wartime President Donald J. Trump has informed us. I cover this on “News Behind The News“, my daily program, with my co-host Kelly Ruiz and featured guests. Be sure to bookmark this show and click on notifications (that little bell on the upper right hand corner on the YouTube channel). There are many aspects to address from offense to defense and from the Coronavirus story, to the story behind the story. Let’s begin then shall we? We begin with Q.

March Madness And Ten Days Of Darkness

Q, or QANON, has told us, as previously forecast in Q drop intel, that there will be “March Madness” and “Ten days of darkness”. Well my friends and fellow patriots, this has now arrived. One can certainly agree that madness has arrived here in March and what has occurred, is occurring and yet to be seen, is in part, what this articles is about. Making sense of the madness. Something about all this just doesn’t seem right? You are right. Trust your instincts and turn off the Fake News.

The Coronavirus Crisis

Yes of course there really is a virus and it is making people sick and some are dying. Yes, the majority of those infected with this virus recover in three to six weeks, some sooner. Yes it has, to date, spread now to 138 countries that we know of. Listen to the President and his Coronavirus task force along with local and state authorities as to social distancing, staying at home, travel restrictions, lock-downs etc. Take care of your health and build your immune system. FOX NEWS does have quite a few medical doctors advising the public on an hourly basis. Having said and acknowledged this, let’s begin with the story behind the story. So just what is really going on?

(MOAFF) Mother Of All False Flags

False does not mean it isn’t real or didn’t happen. Oh this is real alright and it sure did happen. By false we mean, who did it and why. A false flag in part can simply be defined as a person, persons, or entity, creating the problem, blaming it on someone else in order to achieve a specific outcome. It’s deception at a very high level. Problem-reaction-solution, with the solution never really being a solution at all. Create the problem, the Coroanvirus. Anticipate the reaction. Fear, and in this case fear for our health and for our very life. Then offering up the “solution”, which in this context, is NEVER a solution and that being vaccines. Watch this short clip to help you understand this better.

Weaponization of the Coronavirus

Many of us have been saying for a long time that they will at some point, unleash a False Flag event to collapse Trump’s economy to derail his elect-ability. I for one, have written and spoken about this many times even as far back as June 3, 2018. Well, you may recall, they were screaming at one point, recession-recession-recession as part of a Central Bank and Fed manipulation along with the fake news, to bring Trump’s economy down and it failed.

The reason, as I see it, that the deep state unleashed the Coronavirus is as follows. They cannot have Donald Trump re-elected because he is about to expose all of their crimes and bring justice. Period, end of story. They needed to collapse Trump’s economy. The other benefits of this problem, reaction, solution event is, for people control, population control, (you do know that Bill Gates had patents on this and has just recently resigned from two Boards), and forced testing, then forced vaccinations (toxins and RFID chip). This too, like all of the other failed derailments and treasonous coup d ‘etat attempts, has now also failed and failed miserably. In fact what an opportunity it has been. Never let a good crisis go to waste cuts both ways.

Never Let A Crisis Go To Waste

This now famous quote from Rahm Emanual works, cuts, both ways. You see team Trump anticipated this type of an event to unfold but was unable to prevent it. You must know that high level Pentagon and other intel, Q and the President have war gamed out practically every conceivable attack. They, in my opinion, anticipated this but was unable to prevent it. And so how and why has it back-fired and failed? Consider this.

Trump acts swiftly, decisively and accurately by shutting travel from China. He waits until the new Coronavirus test kits come out as not to be misread with the flawed first round of testing kits they gave us. Snakes still, and very much so, surround our Commander in Chief.  He then assembles a Federal and public task force. The travel bands, quarantines, social distancing, and lock-downs are now being used as a cover for the greatest military intelligence operation of our time.

We are NOT under Martial Law as the U.S. Constitution is still in force. This may change soon, time will tell. The borders are being controlled. The people are being protected from false flag shootings now with this shutdown. Repatriation of stolen money is beginning to benefit the people and not the banksters (keep reading later), and so much more. Seems Trump always gets what he wants. And what he wants is to restore power back to the people. He stated at his inauguration he is going to give us back our country. We just entered the outer bands of a massive Cat 5 hurricane. Stay the course-trust the plan. Yes, the storm is upon us.

10 Days of Darkness

Greatest Military Intelligence Operation Of Our Time Arrests Have Begun

Q, or QANON can be defined as the greatest military intelligence operation of our time. Besides, (and under the cover of public safety), the lock-downs, quarantines, travel restrictions, and so on serve as a cover for action as we enter into what I will call phase I of the take-down. And again, sources indicate a probable domestic air travel shutdown. Plan accordingly.

Connect The Dots

The operation is now live. We are rounding them up. Team Trump is using this false flag crisis as cover to keep people inside and to prevent collateral damage. It is now also very difficult for the deep state to unleash their typical false flags via mass shootings and or school shootings since we are not allowed to assemble in groups larger than ten and all schools, in fact much of the entire country, is in shutdown, and we are told to stay at home for the next two weeks, and probably longer than that. Fear not. Trust the plan.

Phase I Operation Is Live

The operation is live. Arrests have begun in Italy with a crime syndicate having been arrested as high level mafia assets are now under control. Hundreds of drug cartels and MS 13 gangs here in the US have also been apprehended since this operation was recently unleashed. Arrests are being made in Southern California now and is being overseen by NAVSPEC. I recently read a piece that sourced a retired Marines Special Forces Lieutenant who was just briefed for over an hour by a 3-Star General and revealed that they will arrest 160,000 people in 90 days, including members of the mainstream media, perhaps Hollywood and even maybe Barry Soetoro, (BHO).

In Phase I of the  take-down, this is how I see this playing out. The lower level criminals and foot soldiers of the deep state will be, and are being, as I write, arrested. Hollywood, mainstream media, MS-13, ANTIFA, drug cartels and other Soros and Clinton funded mercenaries will be rounded up. They’re starting now by taking down Antifa, MS-13, the mafia, drug gangs and other mercenaries hired by Soros. These mercenaries were going to conduct mass riots and mayhem after the election but this is being stopped.

Phase II Coming Soon

Once the above is complete, I believe perhaps as early as late spring or early summer 2020, the shakedown and take-down ratchets up. This is where we may begin to see Comey, McCabe, Strzok, Page, Clapper, Nadler, Schiff and the like outright arrested and hauled off to GITMO as a fast track to swift justice. How can this be done so swiftly you may ask? Because of the powers afforded to the President under the National State of Emergency and more importantly, the Stafford Act.  Stafford Act provisions provides emergency powers which include Marines and National Guard to work under one set of orders by the President. The president can call forth the militia to help execute the laws – repel invasion. Felonies can be brought forth without presentment or without grand jury indictment. Yes the President said he can now use the full power of the Federal government under a National Emergency. The President said no resource will be spared in a recent tweet. Trump has stated …“We have very strong emergency powers under the Stafford Act,” Trump told reporters on Thursday. “I have it memorized, practically… And if I need to do something, I’ll do it. I have the right to do a lot of things that people don’t even know about.”

Okay so back to these tribunals. Worse case, they will not have tribunals but instead go through the civilian process, hearings, grand juries, indictments, charges and trials. I suspect GITMO for some, civilian trials for others. Time will tell. One thing I am certain of, is that the day of reckoning, the day we have all been waiting for is very close at hand and has begun under phase one as described above. The Bush’s, since GHWB’s military tribunal and funeral, are basically under control now. The latter part of Phase II takes down Soros, Clinton, Obama etc.

Remember, we have all the goods on everyone. IGI, IGII FISA, AG Barr’s data from Rudy G. on the Biden’s and many others involved in Ukraine and China. Durham’s criminal investigation may too lead to direct haul-offs to GITMO along with standard civilian due process. His report is expected out late spring, early summer. More Julian Assange intel may be forthcoming, Epstein intel forthcoming, and Harvey Weinstein was more than likely singing like a canary before his sentencing, which now has the “Hollywood Elite” panicking and running for the hills. Kimmel, Hanks, DeGeneras, Oprah and so many others. You must watch the “Great Awakening  Segment” in this episode, here on my daily show “News Behind The News”.

Transitioning Economy – The Storm Is Upon Us

The Global Financial Reset has begun. Yes the storm is upon us. This is not business as usual. The libertarians and many others are up in arms about Trump shutting down the entire country, (little do they know). They are up in arms about the trillions that is about to be injected as a life raft to the American people and the American business owners. Notice I did not say to the banks and to Wall Street? That was under Bush. Old paradigm. This is the Trump era, new paradigm, restoring power back to the people. It matters not about the paying off of these trillions. Why? Because it is the Fed and the Central Banks that will be left holding the bag as Trump has accelerated the Global Financial Reset. Checkmate is coming. Trump, since day one, has been building an economy and financial system running parallel to the debt based fraudulent Central Bank, Federal Reserve system and playing them by working their own rigged system against them, trumped!

We are witnessing the overthrow of the old guard. The Global Financial Reset is upon us. This is the end of the US petrodollar. The the assets of criminal banksters, the Rothschilds, Bank of England, the Committee etc. are now being seized. An estimated $43 trillion dollars has been stolen from the people over these decades and this is not only coming to an end, but some of it being repatriated back to the people. Q has told us in the past that gold will bring down the Central Banks. With these pulled back prices today, buy gold-buy-silver-buy now, but buyer beware. Learn more here.

Consider the trillions coming our way over the next several weeks to several months as part of the debt jubilee I have been talking about. This actually began last year with the forgiveness of the veterans student loans. There will be more to come. We are beginning to be repaid. Yes of course jobs will resume along with Trump’s incredible economy despite the stock market flush out. Remember this, the fundamentals of Trump’s economy are strong and better then ever before, you must differentiate this from the stock market collapsing today. The IRS and the Fed will be abolished as we know it. A new system will be introduced to America and the world. I will be writing about this and speaking about this on my show with Economist Dr. Kirk Elliott, PHD, along with other esteemed guests as events unfold and after all of this plays out. Everything will change as the Quantum Financial system is implemented through a series of steps en route to this. The “Golden Age” is then ushered in. We may once again have the opportunity to thrive and prosper and to use our innate gifts talents and abilities as God intended. But we are, by no means, out of the woods just yet. Keep reading. Truths revealed.

Q pin

Did You Know?

There have been over 1,300 CEOS’, Board Directors, and executives who have resigned, been fired and or arrested in the last two years? This is accelerating. Bill Gates, who has the patents on Coronavirus related issues, just last week stepped down from from his BOD at Microsoft and Warren Buffet’s Berkshire Hathaway. We have seen in recent weeks, the following CEO’s and Chairmen, Execs. etc. step down as well. Disney’s Iger, (following the arrest of Disney Execs last year for pedophilia and child molestation). Monsanto / Bayer, Best Buy, Envision, Sales Force, Uber Eats, MGM Resort, S. Dakota Board of Regents, Chipotle, Fed Ex, UPS, Essence, AT&T, Heineken, Harley Davidson, IBM, MasterCard, Lockheed Martin, Victoria’s Secrets Lex Wessner (Tied to Epstein) and the list goes on and on. They and so many others, are running for the hills along with Ellen DeGeneres, and Tom Hanks to name a few. Yep. Stay tuned…

There are 151,002 sealed indictments in federal courts all around the US and it’s protectorates at this moment waiting to be served. These have been, and are being unsealed. This, I am told, may be mostly on voter fraud and election rigging but also by other serious criminal syndicates and much of it treasonous which will warrant military trials. Information I received from a credible source states that GITMO cost 2 million to set up to handle ‘terrorists’ in 2001. The Trump administration has spent over 2 BILLION revamping it and expanding it over the last two years. Another 3 Billion in remote infrastructure has been put in play in the last year.  He didn’t do all that for optics. As of 60 days ago GITMO has been fully manned and is now at full strength with personnel and supplies. The (some) ‘quarantine centers can double as detention centers for legal processing. The overlapping ‘census’ and medical observation will provide context to speak with and vet every person – think illegals who voted. I also expect air travel to be shut down for 4-6 days at some point most likely around 3/22/20. Keep in mind the Federal Death Penalty has been reinstated by AG Barr and trials at GITMO may very well be live-streamed. Get the popcorn and enjoy the show.

Seems that google has either been hacked by a good guy or is it that perhaps the White Hats have seized control? What am I am talking about here? Check out this segment on “News Behind The News”. I often wonder, is China and Russia working with Trump to turn the globalists plan for a NWO upside down? I guess time will tell. Xi Jinping said the other day that the sun will shine after the storm. Storm, a well chosen word. Nothing is as it appears.

Over these past three years, I have many friends and some very accomplished household named people who are experts in their fields who have expressed their fears and concerns about Trump with regards to vaccines, Chemtrails, 5G, Big Pharma and so on. I have always replied by saying, he knows. Trust the plan. Timing is everything. I also have stated that come 2020 and certainly 2021 and beyond that Trump will take on Big Pharma and all that this entails as well as Big Money, the Central Bank, Fed, IRS etc. Well with this Corona Crisis, we can see the beginning of this reaching the public if you read between the lines. Watch what comes next, later in 2020 and then in 2021, just you watch.

I interrupt this article for a brief moment and I ask – What’s that green light you see on the White House? Oh, and have you noticed how the Presidential seal has disappeared a few days ago from the podium where the President speaks at the Coronvirus daily briefings? Have you noticed that the UN flag to the left on your screen of the president is now gone? All that remains is the US Flag – well, the one with the gold fringes which represents Admiralty law remains. What does all this mean? We’ll cover that next week. Change is underway. Read the closing sections here.

Paradigm Shift Is Underway – Faith Not Fear

Faith not fear. Garbage in-garbage out. Selfish agendas? There are many people who have provided excellent service for many years bravely trying to wake people up to the realities of our times. I thank them. During such years, we were stuck in the old paradigm and its ways. Those that saw some truths operated to an extent in the emotional band of fear. Sadly, many of these individuals of which you surly know of, are stuck in the old paradigm and old business models if you will, and continue to operate in the emotional band of fear. Could this be for profit in a dead and dying model? Could this be due to their own fears? Is this because perhaps they do not have reliable sources for truth of the times and what exactly is going on? I surly hope they come aboard as we need them and they, most of them, I should say, are good and are with us. There will be no place and little effect and or success coming their way in this new paradigm. Come aboard now. Enough said. You know who you are.

So, faith, not fear. Yes we are moving from dark to light. Stay the course. Trust the plan, and remember freedom, it’s up to us. Everything will change and for the better but not without chaos, crisis, uncertainty, death and destruction, I am afraid to say. But what’s on the other end for some of us and for posterity? We will come to learn about 911, JFK, school shootings, Seth Rich, Andrew Breitbart, endless wars and so many other things including invented diseases for control and profit. Pedophilia, voter fraud and election theft, entrainment, (no that is not a typo – go look it up), MK Ultra, murders, gangs, and satanic and demonic rituals. We will come to learn about cloning and why they are gathering our DNA. And we will come to hear about the raping and then torturous murders of children and infants and adrenochrome. Yes, as the President has been telling you all along, these people are sick. These are bad, bad, people doing evil, evil things. Their time is up. They know it. They are panicking. And I hope this explains the shutdown to you in a new light. This operation is live. Stay safe. And remember, God is in control.

We are all in this together. No divide and conquer here. Together as one we will prevail. Tragedy brings unity. It’s time to unite with one heart and one mind. Remember, we are on God’s side. The wrongs and true injustices will be righted. General Flynn will be free. Roger Stone may see a pardon and so many other issues that I addressed in my book “Trump and the Resurrection of America“. We will be informed of many things that have been kept secret; medical breakthroughs, cures not customers, suppressed data about alternative energy and the truth about extraterrestrial life. A new financial system will be ushered in and perhaps in stages. The evil that seized control a long, long time ago has turned this beautiful planet and amazing thing called life into what you see before you. This is now changing. Yes, this is the great change. It will go on for some years but we truly have just now entered a critical battle into the center of evil. Yes, this is a spiritual battle between good and evil. Yes a new paradigm shift in our universe is happening. What an amazing time to be alive! Let us not forget what Trump said to us as he campaigned in 2015-2016. “We must not surrender to the false song of globalism. So, I am asking everyone to join this incredible movement. I am asking you to dream big, and bold and daring things for your family and for your country. I am asking you to believe in yourself again and I am asking you to believe in America”. – Donald J. Trump. It’s time to believe.

Time On Your Hands? Time To Research

Ten Days Of Darkness

Start Here

In Conclusion

You are a great, powerful, magnificent and infinite spiritual being with innate intuitive abilities. Listen to your inner voice. Although we are living in turbulent times there is a shift beginning to take place which will create further turmoil but this must occur as part of the progression towards better days. It’s an amazing time to be alive. There are no accidents. No coincidences. There is a great awakening taking place within the human spirit. There is a global spiritual awakening occurring on planet earth at this time. Silently and spiritually people are beginning to wake up and see the truth. As we surrender to this call from within, we begin to see that all is not quite right. This can be disturbing to say the least. There will be moments of loneliness, possibly despair, with a feeling that we don’t know where to belong, as the enemy, once unbeknownst, tries to pull you back into its dead and dying paradigms. Don’t go there. Follow your instincts. Surround yourself with like-minded people who truly understand the times in which we live, then expand those circles of influence. We are never alone. Remember, WWG1WGA.

We are being called. Surrender the discord into the eternal flame. We are winning this battle between good and evil. And if you create a sense of peace and follow the call, you will begin to see the truth in a deeper way; as we recall perfection of self, of others, and of the universe itself. This truth is the only freedom there really is and its power is beyond anything we can fathom at this moment in time. It is power. It is your power. It is our power. It can move mountains. It can shift tides. It can heal you. It can change and heal the world. God bless you. God bless and protect President Trump and God bless us all.

John Michael Chambers Commentary

Clarion Call

This battle will rage on for the rest of our lives. Pray for our President and his family. No Trump-no hope. What we do right here, right now is for posterity. So when your children and grandchildren ask you “What were you doing when the global governance was being thrust down the throat of America and the world, what will your answer be? Freedom, it’s up to U.S.

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