Market Mayhem – Heed The Call

We are entering a market mayhem – heed the call!  It’s time to look at what most people are not looking at, at least not at this time, that being, their personal financial well-being. While I am fully supportive of President Trump’s economic policies and have little to no doubt that we will prosper into the dawning of a new era. I believe that between now and January 21, 2021, there are both dangers and opportunities that are worthy of addressing.


We have come to learn over time and as of most recent, what lengths the deep state and the Democrats will go to in order to regain power and control to avoid being indicted, prosecuted and held accountable.

Election of 2020

The Democrats will not concede the election of 2020, not any time soon. The election crisis is inevitable. The legal battles will carry on for months. We can expect to see organized mass rioting and the escalation of danger on the streets all across America, far beyond what we see occurring today. Meanwhile, Pelosi and company will do whatever they can to remove President Trump from office. The markets may be affected by such turmoil and uncertainty.


Events, or more aptly defined as false flags, have now become the norm. We can expect more of these events and perhaps some of magnitude such as an EMP hit, a media blackout, so that the President cannot easily communicate with us and the fake news apparatus will drive the false narrative.

There could be this Covid II phase we keep hearing about as well. I strongly encourage you to view our weekly special reports and watch my daily live news broadcast presently hosted on nine different platforms, including YouTube.

These “events” typically impact the markets in a negative way. Deep state attacks are a foregone conclusion as their time is now up with the declass under way.

Global Financial Reset

Looking beyond the election of 2020 we must address the Global Financial Reset. The GFR has been underway since Donald Trump became President. The evidence is before you with Trump having established the greatest economy by most all measures in the history of the America. In essence, President Trump has step by step, begun seizing control of the rigged system. One such reference to this seizing control is found in HR 748 of which I have written about in an article titled “We Did It – Trump Ends the Fed as We Know It”.

We are well on our way to ending the petro dollar, debt based system run and controlled by the deep state bankers, and returning the power back to the people. The debt and currency will be reset and the Federal Reserve will be restructured and dismantled if not completely abolished well into Trump’s second term. This coupled with the overhauling of the IRS and tax system itself, is just what the doctor ordered but this will not happen without a fight. The deep state bankers will not go down without a fight. In there, lies the danger.

The World Economic Forum of mostly unelected power players across the globe have a different reset in mind, the Great Reset is what they call it. This is the globalists plan for a digital type of currency and the stripping away of sovereignty of nations and far worse.

It is Trump’s GFR that they are battling for currency supremacy and planetary domination. Again, they will not go down without a fight.


This is a time to first, understand what the GFR and the GR mentioned above is really all about so that simply said, your investments are in the right place at the right time through this paradigm shift of economic, financial and monetary policy. Although the devil is in the details, we can help with a simple four bucket approach.

How to solve income needs? The unofficial rate, (real rate) of inflation today is 6.12%. Retirees in particular, need to keep pace with inflation. Taxes, inflation and sudden market jolts can sometimes take years to recoup. Interest rates are near zero. They will rise. Bond yields drop when interest rates rise.

Are your income producing assets safely producing more than the unofficial rate of inflation today?

Repositioning of investable dollars and retirement assets at this time may be wise. Acquiring gold and silver inside and or outside of the IRA will serve as a hedge against the inflation that will begin into President Trump’s second term. Metals are poised for tremendous upside potential now and for some years to come.

Do you have adequate precious metals in your portfolio? Buy gold-buy silver- buy now- but buyer beware.

Gold is to the Fed as light is to a vampire. Gold will expose and bring down the Fed. As you come to understand Trump’s economic and monetary policies, you will begin to see why precious metals have been doing so well since 2016 and without the massive manipulation we have seen prior to Trump’s arrival, which in years past drove the growth of metals back down. Once you understand the President’s economic and monetary policy, including the interest rate cycle, you will have a better grasp of what is to come. Remember this, the trend is your friend. What sets the trend? Public policy.

Economist and Theologian Dr. Kirk Elliott, nominated for two Trump committee positions, has made available, information that will help you to gain a better understanding of how and where it is that the President is taking the US dollar and the economy.

Outside of voting, getting others to do the same, waking up the masses via social media, we need to grow, protect and preserve our hard earned assets. With the above being said, learn more about a simple four bucket approach.

Four Bucket Approach

You can create and paint the picture you desire. Bucket one is income. Allocating the right percentage of investable dollars inside or outside of the IRA for income that keeps pace with or out preforms inflation is key. There are alternative opportunities that are not tied to the stock or bond market or to a long term annuity.

Bucket two is growth. Assets allocated for growth will serve as a hedge against inflation. Short term investing in times such as these is wise. Precious metals are 100% liquid.

Bucket three is cash. Cash in the bank, credit union, or brokerage money market account and some cash at home. This is for emergencies and opportunities.

Bucket four can vary based on many criteria as each person is in a different situation with regards to age, risk tolerance, tax bracket, investment experience and so on.


While I am fully supportive of President Trump’s economic policies and have little to no doubt that we will prosper into the dawning of a new era, I believe that between now and January 21, 2021, and then long into Trump’s second term, there are both dangers and opportunities that are worthy of addressing.

If your advisors are not having these types of discussions that are addressed in this notice, it may be time to gain greater insights into the true and often behind the scenes battles and changes that are taking place in this Global Financial Reset. We can help.

I do not sell investments or insurance nor do I manage money for a fee. I retired from a successful career as a full service estate and retirement planning advisor in 2008. I can however, assist you as a wealth coach addressing the questions and or concerns that you may have. I can also direct you to like-minded professionals with expertise in the area you need help in. This includes Economist and Theologian Dr. Kirk Elliott, nominated for two Trump committee positions, who can help you to gain a better understanding of how and where it is that the President is taking the US dollar and the economy and can assist you with the acquisition and repositioning of your retirement accounts.

In conclusion, be sure to watch my live daily news broadcast, now on nine platforms including YouTube and watch for the new weekly GFR Saturday show that will be launched in October. Stay the course. Victory is ours.

God Bless

In Studio Special! – Conversation with Dr. Kirk Elliott, PhD, ThD

In Studio Special! Understanding Precious Metals with Dr. Kirk Elliott, PhD, ThD

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