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Memorial Day Michael Savage Calls For Censure Benedict Obama

You will gain amazing insights on the history of the horrific war crimes of the Japanese by listening to to this Michael Savage broadcast. He not only provides stats and facts that many of us may not be aware of but he also cuts Obama to pieces and calls upon congress to censure President Obama. This broadcast is a must listen to and a must share post. And so this blog post Memorial Day Michael Savage calls for censure Benedict Obama. Barack Obama, the traitor in the White House.

Memorial Day Michael Savage Calls For Censure Benedict Obama

Michael Savage puts things into perspective with regards to the Japanese and WWII. He is absolutely outraged as many Americans are who don’t have their heads up their A$$ regarding BHO’s visit to Hiroshima. Savage goes on to say that Obama is “spitting on the graves of the American war dead” and that we have “a traitor in the White House”.

Did You Know


For starters the attack by the U.S. on Hiroshima and Nagasaki was in retaliation for the bombing of Pearl Harbor. No apologies required. And furthermore the ordering of the release of the Atomic Bomb by President Truman is what helped to prevent the potential deaths of a million or more American soldiers in WWII. President Obama places a wreath for the fallen Japanese and hugs a Japanese survivor. By not visiting Pearl Harbor or Arlington and not acknowledging the American veterans and their sacrifice, Obama is essentially spitting on the graves of the American war dead.

Japanese war practices include the raping of Nanking, waving babies on bayonets, the Bangka Island Massacre, the slaughter of Australian army nurses, the Bataan Death March, Japanese women forced into sexual slavery into brothels, the mutilation and deaths of Dutch civilians, the murder and cannibalism of captured U.S. pilots, the bombing of hospital ships, live experiments on American captured soldiers and so much more. This is truly a deeply sad day in America and so much more will happen before this man is no longer occupying our White House. Trump is winning because of the policies and actions of Obama. And stay clear from crooked Hillary because she will follow directly in Obama’s path. Trump’s inauguration can not come soon enough, God willing. Please keep that man (Trump), safe.

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