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Midterm Mayhem and False Flag Ops

Midterm Mayhem and False Flag Ops

Commentary and analysis by author, activist, John Michael Chambers

If you are not up to speed on False Flags and the Hegelian Dialectic no better time to become more acquainted than now. The Midterm Mayhem and False Flag Ops that have occurred just in the past couple of months are all about the midterm elections. Kavanaugh, weather weapons, caravans, (deep state migrant mob invasion) and today pipe bombs and powder. There will be more false flags of all kinds to come until the deep state is exposed and the trials as well as military tribunals begin.

And so now the media and other high valued A list deep state assets are deployed to create the narratives further dividing the right and left in a desperate attempt to sway votes. And of course the main “blame” will be assigned to President Trump and his supporters. Also, get ready for stock market mayhem and read this post.


Pray for the safety of human life. Pray for our brave and brilliant President. Study False Flags and Hegelian Dialectic which are also chapters in my book. And be alert, always, everywhere. Stay safe. Stay focused and vote red across the boards for all those candidates that are most supportive of President Trump. Vote for your values. Vote for safety and prosperity. Vote for opportunity for your children and grandchildren. People always asking – “what can I do?”. Perhaps begin with this short list provided. Stay the course. It will get far worse before it gets better. The way out is the way through. Share this most important post.

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