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Orlando Terror No Trump No Hope

Evil And Insanity Coming To A Town Near You?

Orlando Terror No Trump No Hope. I wrote this blog post (re-titled today) originally on March 2, 2016 with some additional content added tonight in light of the Orlando shooting at the club, Pulse. All I can say is there is a big problem here. Terror is and has been on the streets in America and is increasing. Orlando Terror In America No Trump No Hope. Call it war, CIA / Govt. Op., Radical Islamic Terrorism, ISIS, the “bad guys”, the “evil doers”, terrorists or a clash of civilizations. Call it what you may. But it must stop. We know Clinton will not change her position on this and we can expect more of the same like we have under BHO if God for bid she is elected.  We know that Donald Trump as commander in chief will take this head on. The November election cannot arrive soon enough.

Orlando Terror No Trump No Hope

You watch the newscasters in the mainstream media tip-toeing around the subject due to political correctness.  Of course the attacks on the second amendments will soon be the talking points as well. It is also important at this time to visit this link on false flags and the Hegelian Dialectic. Trump speaks in real time in real talk on real issues thus his record breaking popularity and endless attacks. This needs to be clearly understood, properly defined and completely annihilated once and for all. And I am not a “pro-war” guy. Seems to me the last “justified” war may have been WWII. But man, (certain men/women) have proven to be insane and this has gone on for a millennium. Until the human race gets its act together, (if ever), there is I am afraid to say, a time and a place for intelligent military intervention. In my opinion unless this occurs what you see here (and do click on this link), will be coming to a town near you. In fact it already has in varying degrees on numerous  occasions. Talk to the families in San Bernardino, California for example. Talk to the famiiles of 911 and of Orlando as of tonight.

This is my first blog post on this subject and there will not be many more. It is gruesome and evil and this must end. Choose wisely casting your vote for the next commander in chief. Remove the psychopaths in charge of the systems that govern the world and have control over the resources and the election process itself and then we will barely need a commander in chief to act. Time is not on our side. Enough said. Identify its source, purpose, funding and mission and eliminate it. Period, end of story. There is more to the formation and expansion of the Taliban, Al Qaeda and now ISIS than meets the eye. Please subscribe to my site and I will send you my 2015 book which will challenge even the most awakened reader on the wor d in which we live. Then simply share the digital PDF with everyone you know. Time is short.

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