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Oscars Boycott Division Embrace Unity

Oscars Boycott Division Embrace Unity

Michael Jackson summed it up in one of his many hits in the song titled “Black or White” when he said in the very clever lyric, “I don’t want to spend my life being a color”, my message is to those falling into this trap is to simply stop, stop being a color. It don’t matter if your black or white.

This recent stunt by many Hollywood actors and actresses is shameful and I can assure you if MLK were here his voice would be heard loud and clear how this is divisive and unecessary. Expect it to continue I am afraid to say. If we really wanted to join together we should boycott Hollywood all together for misusing the power of film by creating anti- American politically motivated films designed to mold and program society to think along the lines of their agenda.

You see Hollywood, the media and the ruling elite have been pushing a racially divisive agenda for quite some time and as far as I am concerned for all intents and purposes, true racism subsided in the United States many years ago until recently it has been fired up once again. And now we have the next issue of Hollywood and the Oscars, ridiculous. It just goes to show you how even some of our most revered Hollywood celebrities such as Will Smith for example can blindly buy into this nonsense rather than use the power of their voice to unite us.

This strategy divides us rather than unites us. We have made so much progress as a nation in this area we all should actually be proud. But instead they are at it again and and it is used over and over again, gay-straight, republican- democrat, left-right, liberal-conservative, the abortion issue, and the list goes on and on; and, of course, the black-white card is one of their favorites.

Divide and conquer is what comes to mind when I see modern day racism. With the divide and conquer strategy, the man behind the curtain wins as he gets his perceived opponents to fight amongst themselves. This is a way of keeping those in a position of power by making the people disagree with each other so that they are unable to join together and remove those from their position of power. And since they run Hollywood and the media machine as discussed in another blog post (and the education system), you can see how powerful and how effective they are. Thus, America is in crisis.

As 2016 progresses and with all the real dangers that lie ahead, the Oscars boycott would have proven to have been such a waste of energy. Wake up people-all people.

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