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Polls Unfiltered - Fake News Free Zone - Polling Intelligence

I have written about voter fraud and election theft In my book, “Trump and the Resurrection of America” along with articles on my word press blog site. We all know the importance of accurate information. Targeted accurate information can be used as a weapon of truth. I am encouraging you to read the press release below and to download this app. On my daily news broadcast, “News Behind the News“, I will be dedicating a weekly segment with expert guests, covering this most critical election year. Each week, we will report the polling results from PollsUnfiltered. Learn more by reading the content below and visiting PollsUnfiltered. Let the polling begin!


PollsUnfiltered™ – Unfiltered Truth and Transparency Social Media Networking and Connectivity App and Web Technology that Could “Change Everything”. Polls Unfiltered ™ LLC has announced the launch of its breakthrough social networking app and mobile connectivity tool.  Polls Unfiltered was developed to conduct the largest scale Unfiltered Real Time Political and Presidential Election polls in history.

Unlike most other polling services, Polls Unfiltered is a hybrid free mobile and interactive web technology offers Unfiltered, Unbiased, and Uncensored Real Time tool for voters to register with basic demographic information, participate by casting their vote on current hot political issues and then view immediate live and raw results.   Each vote cauis registered anonymously, without any traceable personal information and a push notification re-transmitted back to the user’s device so that they can be assured that their vote was counted accurately.  Polls Unfiltered platform facilitates direct and trusted communication free of any third-party interpretation or data manipulation.

Release 1.0 is a revolutionary, highly disruptive polling technology provided as a free downloadable mobile App and interactive Web platform to deliver real time analytics, with primary focus of engaging millions of people in real-time, 24/7 from all 180,000 precincts across the country to participate and vote in the Presidential Elections in order to provide transparency to the Electoral process and prevent Election Fraud. Polls Unfiltered is a quantum leap forward from traditional polling methods which typically: a) collect and analyze information from a very limited segment of the demographic gathered from “select precincts among several battleground states” and b) then reports “interpreted” results at a later time.

The raw, unfiltered vote count is presented in the form of easy-to-read bar graph and trend line graph formats that can be updated as often as desired by using the on-screen “Refresh” button.  Multiple-voting in each poll is prevented by redundant lockout algorithms.  Everyone is encouraged to cast their vote on a weekly basis on a variety of hot political and non-political current issues.   Once all the Presidential candidates are announced, the voters will be able to cast their votes in Weekly Presidential Election Straw Polls, then again on Election Exit Poll. Each Sunday at midnight, the app automatically: a) counts all that week’s votes; b) declares a winner, then c) resets the vote-count to zero to begin the next Weekly Poll.  The nationwide Election Day Exit Poll is expected to be the largest and most accurate ever conducted.

Polls Unfiltered can collect and analyze vast amounts of complex data instantaneously, and distribute it as real-time actionable information, among tens of millions of people within our community is unprecedented.  At our expected sample sizes, Polls Unfiltered will be over 10,000 times more sensitive and over 100 times more accurate than any other poll in use today and will generate statistical margins of error that approach zero.  Our goal is to engage millions of people to cast their votes by 2020 Presidential Election day so that we can capture representative data from voters in all 180,000 precincts and be able to project the winner with an exceptionally high degree of accuracy, and certainly hours ahead of any other polling organization in the world. Polls Unfiltered allows tens of millions of us to anonymously communicate our most private thoughts, ideas and opinions in a seamless, safe and easy-to-understand format that provides us with real-time answers to important questions with unprecedented speed and accuracy.

Polls Unfiltered is a disruptive Raw Truth Revolution, a Fake-News-Free-Zone and a “Digital Campfire,” where this much sought after, non- judgmental, politically neutral, all inclusive, Free-Speech connectivity platform allows all of us to come together to find common ground while at the same time celebrates our differences where every vote is cast anonymously, registered secretly, then counted publicly.”

Polls Unfiltered Founder and CEO, who goes by “Unfiltered Blonde” stated:

“Polls Unfiltered is a force to be reckoned with for anyone who attempts to suppress truth and justice.  It represents a very powerful technological quantum leap in personal and direct connectivity, which will likely prove to be a very controversial and disruptive social networking platform for those who intentionally and deliberately conceal the truth.   It will empower tens of millions of average people to participate, take a stand, and make a significant difference in the future of our nation.  We are determined and dedicated to avail the Truth and Nothing but The Truth.  We stand for Unfiltered Transparency which sadly has become a dying breed in our Politically Correct and Corrupt Culture.  Polls Unfiltered is politically neutral tool which does not sugarcoat anything…does not filter; does not manipulate and is designed to empower Truth Seekers.  We are committed to uncompromising truth as we belive that We the People deserve nothing less than that!

Our vast number of participants will make election theft impossible and will ensure that trustworthy and transparent elections will take place from now on – where everyone’s vote counts – because everyone’s vote gets counted.”  In addition to Political Polling, Polls Unfiltered provides a powerful and robust information collection super-highway to offer uncompromising market intelligence for private organizations to facilitate decision making on the highest levels.

Dr. Richard Davis, MD, Lt. Cmdr. USN Ret., who passed away in 2017, was the inventor, founder and CEO of Polls Unfiltered’ s predecessor – PollMole™ Corporation which rose to heights during 2016 Presidential Elections by conducting large scale polling to minimize margins of error and “vote skimming”.  Polls Unfiltered is a quantum leap forward in interpersonal communications technology and has the potential to be one of the most significant, game-changing social media platforms in history.  It is designed to effectively challenge the monopoly on creating reality that the Big Media Information-Cartel has been able to use so successfully by simply bypassing it entirely – using our independent platform that we built from scratch to empower Unfiltered Votes for Truth and Transparency. This allows us to put raw, uncensored, unfiltered, information, literally back into the palm of the hands of ‘We the People’ where it rightfully belongs!

Let The Polling Begin

We invite everyone to join the conversation, cast their votes, make a difference and share! Please Vote with us at: and download our free mobile App on your iOS and Android smart devices. And subscribe for free to John Michael Chambers daily broadcast, “News Behind the News” where we will discuss election theft, voter fraud and we will feature the polling results from PllsUnfiltered.

John Michael Chambers Commentary Polls Unfiltered - Fake News Free Zone

Clarion Call

This battle will rage on for the rest of our lives. Pray for our President and his family. No Trump-no hope. What we do right here, right now is for posterity. So when your children and grandchildren ask you “What were you doing when the global governance was being thrust down the throat of America and the world, what will your answer be? Freedom, it’s up to U.S.

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