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Pragmatist Or Purist The Election of 2016

What is your approach to this most critical election? Are you pragmatist or a purist? Or perhaps a pragmatic political atheist like me? This blog post has been inspired by the often attacked and ignored by the mainstream media, talk show host, best selling author Michael Savage, PhD. Listen to this important broadcast regardless of which side of the political fence you are on.

I talked about this in other blog post referencing the “categories” they offer us as their attempt to help us identify our position, belief and approach. “They” provide us the choices and like non-thinking well behaved robots we place ourselves into one of the boxed categories and stick to it like glue without thinking of the consequences. It is not business as usual in America or anywhere in the world for that matter, I can assure you of this. We all need to stop operating as though it were business as usual. And please stop all the regurgitation for goodness sake. Initiate an original idea, thought or opinion. It’s pathetic how we simply regurgitate the spoon-fed agenda talking points. Change the narrative.

And so the media begins the narrative within their set defined categories and topics having you believe if you step out of this box on one or two issues you are condemned by your peers and no longer fit in that category. I for one could care less about Republicans, Democrats, Liberals or Conservatives. This thinking has failed us. Yet you feel compelled as a matter of honor and duty to stick to your guns and hold the hard line so much so that if your candidate does not win you will “leave the country”, “not vote at all” or “never vote for so and so” (even if that “so and so” is the next best choice) simply because that candidate does not fit 100% into your category on all issues. Ahh the purist’s view. Forget the boxes. There are no perfect candidates. They offer up Democrat-Republican-Libertarian-Independent-Liberal-Conservative-Democratic Socialist-Constitutionalist, Left-Right-Center, Capitalist-Socialist-Communist and so on. Change your thinking. Change our thoughts. Change your habits. Change your life.

“We shall require a substantially new manner of thinking if mankind is to survive” – Albert Einstein

Take Hilary Clinton (the supposed front runner) for example. She is a person of interest before the FBI and may become ineligible to even run due to numerous scandals yet some will stick with the hard line of I must vote for a woman when perhaps the other candidate may actually be the better choice? Or take Donald Trump for example, the candidate that was not supposed to happen. If you exam his positions closely, he does not fit really into any one of the boxes they offer you, easy prey for the media. He is sort of a little in many boxes wouldn’t you say?

All candidates are imperfect when one looks honestly at the true dangers we are facing and the most optimum potential solutions proposed by any given candidate.  Now Trump has views that are clearly conservative yet a few positions that are in fact more akin to the Democrats views and some positions that lean liberal or even libertarian. He has been acknowledged by Harry Reid and Jimmy Carter as well as by Jerry Falwell Jr. for example. And you know and I know that the Democrat and Republican parties do not at all represent what they once did say 50 years ago. In fact the parties are meaningless as they, on both sides of the aisle, under Presidents Clinton, Bush and Obama led us to the ICU on life support where we find ourselves today. All guilty as charged. This is the two-headed one party snake system, you know the “Demicans and Republicrats” to coin the phrase from Michael Savage. The good news is the man behind the curtain who is running the show is now being exposed as the people awaken and you, yes you can make a difference. So what you do here and now means more for the future of humanity than you may realize. The direction can change for the better and it is right there at your finger tips come election day.

And so I ask you what is your approach? Are you a pragmatists or purist? If you are of the mind set that you would like to restore the Constitutional Republic and return America to her once greatness and beacon of hope, light and opportunity for the world then you must “unstick” the glue that has you attached and think for yourself. Would you like America to become a prosperous, industrious respected and safe sovereign nation again? What kind of country do you want to leave to your children, your grandchildren and for posterity? Author and talk show host Michael Savage, PhD has raised a very good point and an important question – that being are you a pragmatists or a purist?

A pragmatist can be defined as one who takes a reasonable and logical approach to a way of doing things or of thinking about problems that is based on dealing with specific situations instead of on ideas and theories. He or she takes a more practical approach to problems and affairs and tries to strike a balance between principles.

Meanwhile we have the purist who can be defined as a person who has very strong ideas about what is correct or acceptable and who usually opposes changes to traditional methods and practices. I would assert that A) there is no perfect candidate and B) throwing it all away at this most critical stage concerning the immediate and long-term future of our country is foolish and such thinking should be reconsidered. Again, the stakes are far too high. So you can see how holding a hard line to a category or even thinking just and only in these terms at these times may prove to be very unproductive. This is a time when you may have to compromise some of your beliefs, not all of your beliefs. Think of it in terms of doing the greatest good for the greatest number. Adapt or die-the stakes are that high.

For example there may be a candidate who is considered conservative that you agree with on most issues and are inclined to support and vote for but there is say one issue that does not fit into the conservative box, let’s say that candidate supports gay marriage for example. Or perhaps you favor a more liberal candidate but that candidate is pro-life. And let’s look at the The libertarian vote this in and of itself in times like these is a perfect example of what I am trying to point out and by the way, I support many Libertarian views. I rest my case. At this stage of the game I am a political atheist and choose the path and approach of a pragmatist.

Newsflash: Hey folks there is NO perfect candidate! Never was, never will be and the stakes this election cycle are far to high. There are far too many people who do indeed want to restore America to her once great power and glory and are willing to throw it all away by because there may be but one point or two points that you disagree with because they are not defined by your assigned category or belief system. Some are willing to just throw it all away. If you believe this nation is in grave danger breathing its last breath of freedom before its lungs are completely collapsed for eternity, you had better come to grips with understanding a pragmatists approach versus a purists approach then cast your vote wisely. We simply need to put our best foot forward with who and what is before us and hope and pray for the best. What else is there to do?

We are living in very dangerous times as the U.S. and the world are becoming increasingly more dangerous with migrant issues, ISIS and the beginning stages of perhaps WWIII, all by design I might add in accordance with global governance. The U.S. is the largest debtor nation in the world and is rapidly resembling a third world country. This is no time to play politics or care what anyone thinks of you or your views. Our election process has turned into a circus freak show and we had better get it right in the primaries, caucuses and in November for the consequences are great.

Stay tuned as the rest of 2016 will be filled with some very dirty, deceitful nasty politics as the ruling elite are hanging on for dear life and perhaps some very unfortunate “events” may be at our doorstep. Be strong, stay safe. Seems tragedy brings unity. Unite now don’t wait for tragedy to strike, unite.

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