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Primaries and the Mid-Term Election Supporting President Donald Trump

Primaries and the Mid-Term Election Supporting President Donald Trump

Commentary and analysis by author, activist, John Michael Chambers

The primaries are here. The mid-terms are upon us. Our President has kept his word. Donald Trump has kept his campaign promises. We now have a voice as he promised. The deep state is on the run and the attacks against us all are accelerating. Our President needs us. Let us not squander this moment as we must seize the opportunity to support our president first and foremost at the voting booth during these primaries and soon to be mid-term election. This is it. Primaries and the Mid-Term Election Supporting President Donald Trump. I can’t think of a more proactive thing to be doing. Shut off the football game and make a difference.

Fulfill the Miracle

This is our miraculous opportunity and perhaps the last chance in our lifetime to resurrect America. Don’t waste it. The Democrat Socialist party and the deep state have a far different vision of what America and the world should be. It’s not pleasant for freedom loving God fearing individuals. With the arrival of Donald Trump onto the political scene, we have entered into America’s second revolution and the battles have just begun. Make no mistake about it. This peaceful overthrow of the ruling elite and evil cabal is being led by our our brave and brilliant president, Donald J. Trump, and people are waking up. He has our back. We had better have his. Their is a plan. Trust the plan.

We can now once again be the hope, promise, and beacon of light on the shining hill for all the world. There is a lot of work to be done. It will not be fast. It will not be easy, and the desired outcome is not guaranteed. But never underestimate what one man can do. Donald Trump has awakened and inspired a nation and people all over the world, restoring hope. Our President needs our help, right now. The primaries and mid-term are upon us. We must do more than vote. We must vet and vote for the Republican candidates that are supportive of the President’s agenda to MAGA. Then we must do all we can to get others to the voting booths. This is critical.

By The Grace Of God

By the grace of God, we may prevail. The resurrection of America has begun. Let us not squander this miraculous opportunity. President Donald J. Trump, our commander-in-chief has inspired a nation and the world as he leads America through its second revolution.

Freedom it’s up to us. To “Make America Great Again,” in my opinion, will require the guiding, protecting hand and light of God. Empower us with wisdom, strength, and protection as we continue on this path to redirect humanity, exposing and destroying those with evil intentions. We now know who they are and where they are. And soon, the hammer of justice will answer each of our calls. Have mercy on us and protect Donald J. Trump and his family and this once great nation. Empower us and bring us back into the light of God, which never fails. We must, each and every one of us, listen closely and we must act. The hour is at hand. Freedom…it’s up to US. Let the force be with you, President Trump. Let the force be with us all.

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