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Promises Made Promises Kept Vote Red Today

Promises Made Promises Kept Vote Red Today

Commentary and analysis by author, activist, John Michael Chambers

What is happening each and every day is truly miraculous. President Trump is uninstalling the Deep State and draining the swamp piece by piece day by day en route to resurrecting America. We are not used to our elected officials (especially our Presidents) actually keeping their word and doing what they said they would do like adhering to the oath they took before God and we the people. Certainly not with the last three administrations over a twenty four year period with Clinton, Bush and Obama. These past Presidents were all Globalists at best and have taken this amazing country to its knees and to the point of near extinction. Thank God for President Trump. Thank God for President Trump!

Trump’s Accomplishments

Click on this amazing official Trump website, Promises Made-Promises Kept which lists the accomplishments of President Donald J. Trump and share this post everywhere. Why? Because the Fake News Media will not and the people need to know as we are days away from this historic and critical mid-term election. VOTE RED. Get others to do so. Share this post now.


The choice today can’t be any clearer. A Constitutional Republic or a Socialist government leading to a Communistic police state. Save America and vote red. And so the mid-terms are upon us. When your children and grand children ask you -“What were you doing when the Global Governance was being thrust upon America and the world?” What will your answer be? Freedom – Its up to US.

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