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Protecting Borders Language Culture

Protecting borders language and culture has been radio talk show host and best selling author Michael Savage PhD motto for over twenty years and is explained by him here.  It was also the first campaign issue raised by Donald Trump. Should we build a wall? The great wall of Trump?  Well yes of course we should, as many nations have such as Israel for example. I will share a brief personal story here with regards to nations and immigration policy.

Protecting Borders Language Culture

I have traveled to perhaps over a dozen countries and have been residing outside the U.S. for the better part of the past 5 years. Needless to say, it’s virtually impossible to enter a foreign country without the proper visa or passport requirements. Well here in Thailand for example, just this week, a British man has been blacklisted from Thailand after he was found overstaying his visa by 106 days. Immigration officers stopped the foreigner on the street did a check of his passport, found he had overstayed his 30-day visa-exemption stamp by 106 days. He was arrested and processed for deportation and will be blacklisted from the Kingdom for five years under regulations that went into effect in March. Under the new system, penalties vary depending on whether the overstaying foreigner voluntarily turns himself in or is arrested.

English is the universal language (for now until later when Mandarin replaces it) and is spoken in most places in the world today including Thailand. But what is the language the Thai people speak in Thailand? Well Thai of course, the native language. You want to get a job here in Thailand? Not with a proper work permit, of course. Thailand is a predominately Buddhist nation and is well known for its beautiful landscape being one of the top  countries in the world for tourism. And the food? Among the best in the world. Hats off to you Thailand for protecting your borders language and culture!

Shame On You America – Trump To The Rescue Before It’s Too Late

Bush and Obama have allowed the destruction of sound border control as part of the NWO’s plan for the North American Union.  Hillary Clinton, if elected (God for bid), will continue along this path serving the very same masters as her would be predecessors. I need not elaborate here on the horrific status of our immigration policy and lack of border protection as Mr. Trump has brought this to the global stage. I fully support Trump on his immigration and border controls including building the wall. Do however check out the staggering and alarming cost of illegal immigration here. I wrote a song called New World Order back in 1999 about this and produced a video for the song which can be viewed here. Choose wisely at the voting booth this November as this is America’s last stand. No Trump-No Hope!

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