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Racism In America

Racism In America

Some say that due to ISIS we are now witnessing actions that we have not seen since Medieval Times. And not since the 1960’s have we seen racial tensions and a growing division between black and whites in America like we are beginning to see today. Wake up America it’s 2016! Is this happening by accident or clandestinley and cleverly by design? You should know the answer to this. This black man has an important message that you will never hear from Al Sharpton or Jesse Jackson.

Current Situation

True racism without the intentional creation of racism for all intents and purposes, subsided in the United States many years ago and for many years until recent history has fired it up once again. The media, the elitists and the no longer secret men behind the curtain (like George Soros i.e.) have been pushing as a racially divisive agenda for quite some time and it’s working. We have a new generation (not all of them thank goodness) of drugged and dumbed down brainwashed robots following the media machine / Hollywood marching orders, with blacks taking their stance and whites taking theirs. Some of the rest of us also sadly fall for the bait and jump aboard the band wagon. And yes many today feel the government itself, be it the President or the DOJ, have a hand in creating this division resulting in rising racial tensions. MLK is turning in his grave.

Divide and conquer is what comes to mind when I see modern day racism. With the divide and conquer strategy, the man behind the curtain wins as he gets his perceived opponents to fight among themselves. Think about that sentence for a moment please. With the divide and conquer strategy, the man behind the curtain wins as he gets his perceived opponents to fight among themselves. This is a way of keeping those in a position of power by making the people disagree with each other so that they are unable to join together and remove those from their position of power. And since they run the media machine as discussed here in this blog, you can see how powerful and how effective they are, thus America once again is in a racial crisis. What an embarrassment as the world is watching.

This is used over and over again, gay-straight, republican- democrat, left-right, liberal-conservative, the rich-poor, and the list goes on and on; and of course, the black-white card is one of their favorites. It’s an easy one for them to fire up in the society to raise tensions for many reasons. One reason being America has a horrific history due to slavery and even up and into the 1960’s, blacks still did not have equal rights in many regards. These historical scars have come to haunt America and are exploited even still today to ignite racial tensions.Think Al Sharpton, think Jesse Jackson. I rest my case.


Due to these impressions, it had made it difficult for blacks in America to live the American dream (which has since become the American nightmare), get a good education, a rewarding career, home ownership, etc. This is why there are so many pockets of inner cities today that were once labeled the ghetto. That was then, this is now.

The welfare system for all Americans was initially implemented to temporarily help people if they became unemployed, sort of just enough to keep the basics going to survive until they are employed again and back on their feet. Well, we now have the test of time and can look back and see how this system has been abused and has helped to create an entitlement of “something for nothing” mentality. This is clearly not working and is not good for America, nor for the people who are reliant upon this never-ending help. There are always adverse consequences when you have wealth without work. An estimated 47 million Americans are receiving food stamps; that’s about 1 in every 6 people.

According to the Heritage Foundation 128,818,142 people are enrolled in at least one government program, and based on U.S. Census Bureau information, the bulk of which receive one or more benefits. This is a rather large percentage of the population in America. Keep them dumbed down, ignorant, and dependent upon government handouts and you can control them rather easily.

Is there really a black vs. white race issue in America? Yes and no. This black man has an important message that you will never hear from Al Sharpton or Jesse Jackson.

I ‘m going to continue to blog on the subject of racism in America over the next couple of weeks because there is much more that I have to say and the problem sadly, will intensify perhaps for some years to come. There is a solution to this and I will cover this in other blog posts, however implementing this solution will be quite the task but must be done.

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