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Racists Come In All Colors

Racists Come In All Colors

Blacks are racist against whites just as white are racists against blacks, and I think we have more of blacks as racists going on than most realize. This is a follow up blog post to the previous one. Is there really a black vs. white race issue in America? Yes and no. Let me explain. But first watch this and listen to the wisdom of this black man Johnathan Gentry.

It is my belief there will always be, to some degree, a race issue even if not en-flamed by the man behind the curtain, but not very much and only in isolated pockets. I would also add since there really is no more discrimination in America for blacks (thank goodness), as blacks have all the same equal rights as whites do, the racism that does exist works both ways. After all, racism is racism; blacks are racist against whites just as white are racists against blacks, and I think we have more of blacks as racists going on than most realize. I mean, even in some of the churches like in the church of Pastor Jeremiah Wright for example. So, then where does racism come from?

We all come into this world in the same way, as we are born into this world exiting the womb. Now, these are rhetorical questions, but does that white infant hate blacks or does that black infant hate whites? Is there a prejudice gene? Of course not, so where does this come from? We must stop dividing us into labels and categories; we are all brothers and sisters of the human race and united we stand or divided we fall. We have allowed them to divide us, thus we are falling.

I would say that racism is conditioned and acquired, so this can easily be undone but that is up to the individual. Some parents are prejudice, and they teach this and instill this in their young child. It is conditioned through the education system and the media machine. Then fueled heavily by white supremacy groups and by such appalling people as Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson to name but a few. The late, great Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. is turning in his grave as he observes the actions of these two imposters who position themselves as purveyors of racial equality when, in fact, they pour gasoline on the fire and incite riots. This unravels all the selfless efforts and work done by so many who came before them and most notably Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., who paid the ultimate sacrifice. Wake up black America, wake up! Mr. Sharpton and Mr. Jackson are a big part of the problem and should not be the voice for the black people in America as their actions are perpetuating a problem that relatively subsided to a large degree many years ago in America. Blacks have contributed to this nation for hundreds of years in the fight for equality from Harriet Tubman to Rosa Parks and of course Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Much has changed since the 1960’s racial riots and today and for many years since. Blacks have equal rights and, as Americans, have made tremendous progress within the American system contributing to the arts, medicine, entertainment, politics, music, movies, CEOs, and on and on. My gosh, there is Ben Carson, Oprah Winfrey and President Barack Obama! I mean, it’s ridiculous to have to point this out because we are all Americans in America and are one of the most diverse nations in the world. Together we make, shape, and form this country. We have people here from so many colors, nations, religions, and ideologies all contributing to and partaking in America. In fact, it is this diversity that defines America.

The level of success in the black community spans across a very broad spectrum of diversified skills and talents no different from whites. When will we stop using such terms as black community? We should simply think in terms of being Americans, brothers, and sisters within the human race and simply love one another – go ahead, argue with that. Present to me a sound basis for debate on that statement. Michael Jackson said it best in one of his many big hits in a song titled “Black or White” when he said, “I don’t want to spend my life being a color.” I bet if the doctor who served time in prison due to negligence in the death of Michael Jackson were white, this would be the race issue of our time. To be continued…

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