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Restoring America Trump Presidency Part Four

Make no mistake about it, there is indeed a real time live interplay between we the people and the Trump administration. The following post as well as previous posts on this related topic has been sent to Mr. Donald Trump for his review. This is part of an on-going series of blog posts submitted and written by my good friend and fellow truth teller and voice for humanity Dr. Richard Davis, MD. Links to the previous related posts have been provided in this blog post. This is simply titled Restoring America Trump Presidency Part Four.

Restoring America Trump Presidency Part Four

Mr. Donald J. Trump:

The once-invisible Globalist Elites have now been exposed. They are meeting this week at the Bilderberg Conference in Dresden, Germany, and are concerned that their plans to install Hillary as their next presidential puppet – may not be working out as hoped. You have caught them flat-footed. So you can bet that if they cannot prevail in rigging the election to prevent your presidency, they are busy cooking up Plan B to destroy your effectiveness once you are in office. I’m sure that it’s going to be a very clever and creative, yet diabolical plan. My guess is that it will be probably a lot less messy than assassinating you outright; and will be designed to be far more effective towards achieving their centuries-long ambition of installing their utopian, unelected, one-world government – with them at the top of course.

These psychopaths have positioned the US, along with the rest of the world on the brink disaster. They are using this control position to blackmail governments and leaders of every country to do whatever they say, by threatening to unleash one or all of their doomsday weapons. They will undoubtedly try to blackmail you too. If you resist, they will work to keep you so busy by their releasing bioweapons, pulling the plug on the economy with financial collapse, rolling out false-flag attacks, etc., that the ensuing social chaos will force you into a martial law scenario so that none of your planned reforms could be implemented by a bought-and-paid-for Congress made up of corrupt minions of the New World Order and the totally corrupted federal bureaucracy that you will be inheriting. I have an idea for you that could change all that. You are a fighter – a counter puncher that doubles down when confronted – Perfect:

Remember, it’s only the people at the top who are the “bad guys.” Everyone else is either compartmentalized or psychologically entrained or both. These are good people. They will support your vision and the positive changes you have in mind. But you need their support. All you have to do is educate them, and provide leadership, support and empowerment – for them to do their jobs right… It’s the same principle that you use in your businesses today.

So I suggest the following

The moment that you are sworn in, you will not have much time, so you need to take immediate and total operational control of the Executive Branch by enacting a series of Executive Orders that your transition team will have prepared in advance (like Obama’s sealing of his records). And do it fast!!!! These Orders will have the effect to make a series of sweeping and comprehensive changes in the way the Executive Branch operates. You do not need Congressional or Judicial authorization to do this. Obama proved this.

TheDepartment of Agriculture

Phase out corn and wheat subsidies

Phase in organic foods subsidies

Ban all GMO foods until such time as fully transparent evidence-based studies demonstrate their safety and effectiveness to the same stringent requirements imposed on new drug applications

Department of Commerce

Reduce Regulations

Eliminate Corporate “Personhood”

Establish “good citizen” requirements for corporate good standing

Establish an Incubator System with grants for good ideas within the Small Business Administration to promote entrepreneurism and provide start-up funding up to $10M.

Open up the SEC regulations to allow for start-up capital raises up to $50M with tax deferrals and other incentives

Department of Defense

Close Foreign Military Bases

Establish a joint mission for surveillance and reconnaissance with the Border Patrol

Department of Education

Eliminate and transfer all education policy functions to the States

End Common Core

Support Home schooling with grants

Department of Energy

Fund Free Energy (Zero-Point) Competition

Oversee Hardening of Energy Grid against EMP and Cyber attack

Fund sustainable systems

Department of Health and Human Services

Replace Obamacare with workable system controlled by the States

FDA Reorganization

Provides policy recommendations to States

Provides central knowledge base and laboratory services for States

Acts as a national IRB (Institutional Review Board)

Provides coordination for nationwide clinical studies

Open access for all treatments for terminally ill patients

Cease persecution of physicians using leading edge technologies

Expand Funding at NIH for promising Alternative Medicine Technologies

Drug Policy – Full Decriminalization of all drugs

Establish comprehensive drug treatment programs and facilities

Rebuild the National Health Services and Public Health Hospital System to provide basic-level free healthcare

Expand Scholarships for Physicians, Dentists, Nurses, Physicians Assistants, Medical Technologists, etc., for filling the Public Health System

Department of Homeland Security

Build the “Wall”

Unify communications technologies between the various agencies

Harden the Electrical Grid

Fund gun safety training and enact gun laws like Switzerland

Department of Housing and Urban Development

Build small communities using the Singapore model

Department of the Interior

Eliminate the BLM and return federal lands to the states

Department of Justice

Break up all Cartels and Monopolies




Free all non-violent criminals from federal prisons

Expunge all criminal records for all drug users (not dealers)

Decriminalize all Drugs (should be a medical issue not a legal one)

Initiate Criminal Investigations of:

Bush Family

Clinton Foundation

George Soros

Major Banks and CEO’s

Wall Street Firms

Lobbyist Organizations

K-Street Law Firms


Establish a Truth and Reconciliation Tribunal:

While awaiting trial put Leaders in Guantanamo, and Minions in FEMA Camp

Department of Labor

Institute massive jobs creation program (see below)

Department of State

Terminate UN participation

Revamp immigration policy

Terminate lease of UN in NYC

Terminate NAFTA, GATT, TPP, others

Terminate all foreign aid programs to governments

Direct all charitable aid to vetted local entities where the money goes directly to the people in need

Department of Transportation

Initiate Nationwide and regional high speed Mag-Lev passenger rail construction


Provide matching funding grants for a 21st century light rail and all electric / hybrid bus mass transit system for cities

Department of the Treasury

Terminate the charter and nationalize the Federal Reserve

Restructure the IMF and World Bank and bring under Dept. of Treasury Control

Repatriate all monies stolen from the American people since 1913

Initiate public control over the issuance of currency and credit

Managed by a public private commission

3 appointees from each Governor of the 50 states 6 year terms rotating every 2 years (like Senators)

Eliminate the personal income tax

Establish a 15% flat tax on EBITDA for corporations eliminate deductions

Establish a 15% National Sales Tax

Gold Audit at Fort Knox

Department of Veterans Affairs

Healthcare Reform with health cards for private healthcare

Expand Job training, support systems, counseling,

Establish specialized PTSD treatment facilities and suicide prevention programs

Increase Financial support for families of deceased active duty military and veterans with auxiliary life and disability insurance programs

Create a New Department of Technology and Scientific Affairs

The National Center of Computational Sciences: Fund quantum computing centers with open access architecture and leasing time for universities and industry

The National Center for Biotechnology

The National Center for Stem Cell Research

The National Center for Nanotechnology

The national Center for Advanced Materials Research

The National Center for Consciousness Research

Create a New Independent Congressional Agency of Internet Technology and Communications

The National Center of Internet Sciences

To be continued…

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