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Restoring America Trump Presidency Part One

We are at war and not just with Radical Islamist’s. We have been at war for a long time. We are losing this war. The next three months may very well be the most important three months in the history of our nation. Crush Clinton. Promote, donate and vote for Trump. What does “We The People” mean? Well just what it says. You see freedom its’ up to us. Please do listen to an important and brief podcast commentary at the foot of this blog post.

Real people-real solutions. I am gathering information from various sources and segments from “We The People” in an attempt to help support the Presidency of Donald J. Trump and to perhaps inspire other like-minded ideas and information to disseminate on a broad basis. And in kicking off this series called Restoring America Trump Presidency Part One, I begin with this from my good friend and fellow truth teller and voice for humanity, Dr. Richard Davis.

Restoring America Trump Presidency Part One

Mr. Trump,

First thing after your inauguration ceremony, at 1PM hold a mandatory-attendance webinar from the Oval Office for all federal executive branch employees. You let them know that there is a new Sheriff in town, and that things are going to fundamentally change [for the better]. You let them know that from now on the Number One Job of Government is to Protect the Natural and Enumerated Constitutional Rights of All Citizens, everything else is secondary. You identify that endemic corruption is the biggest problem in government and lay out a comprehensive anti-corruption plan with full whistle blower protections, including cash rewards for identifying the “bad guys” within their departments. Provide a confidential mechanism for them to contact your Office of Anti-corruption. Let them know that those who get on board with your administration’s reforms and anti-corruption measures will be rapidly promoted, those who don’t will hear your famous phrase (“You’re Fired” i.e., forced early retirement). This needs to happen quickly and system wide, in every one of the departments that you oversee. I have some suggestions:

Executive Office of the President

Establish the Office of Anti-corruption (as above). Establish The Office of Citizen Ombudsmen that have personnel situated within every federal department and agency to provide independent direct citizen access for redress of grievances, whistle blowing and other activities as a redundant access portal beyond Congressional representation. Establish a series of Citizens’ Investigation Commissions. Fully Empowered Federal Grand Juries, each composed of 12 experts and 13 laymen. Full subpoena powers. Full Unrestricted Access to, all NSA files, all government personnel  all top secret and above top secret files as needed. Witnesses are called to testify without notice and without counsel empowered to grant limited immunity in exchange for testimony.

Investigations will Include

911 attacks, Vaccines, Geoengineering, HAARP, Global Warming, Water Fluoridation, GMO foods, Project Blue Book and Project Blue Beam and other Disclosure related topics, MK Ultra, “Fast and Furious”, False Flags, Waco, Ok City Bombing, Sandy Hook, Boston Bombing and others.

Assassination Commissions

JFK, RFK, MLK, Malcom X, Vince Foster, Antonin Scalia, others.


You see the two headed one party system (including the Federal Reserve) has taken this once great nation down the road to serfdom for many, many decades now. It’s time to get to the bottom of things. Expose the lies. Reveal the truth. Right the wrongs. Protect the citizens as the restoration of our Constitutional Republic is what Donald Trumps “Americanism” is really all about. To be continued.

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