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Restoring America Trump Presidency Part Seven

We are at war and not just with Radical Islamist’s. We have been at war for a long time. We are losing this war. The next three months may very well be the most important three months in the history of our nation. Crush Clinton. Promote, donate and vote for Trump. What does “We The People” mean? Well just what it says. You see freedom its’ up to us. This post titled Restoring America Trump Presidency Part Seven written by Dr. Richard Davis, MD is part of a document sent to Mr. Trump. The content below takes on the tough issues facing our nation and provides a blue print of suggestions for Mr. Trump to consider. This will concludes the seven part series. All prior blog posts are linked at the bottom of this post.

Restoring America Trump Presidency Part Seven

Judicial Branch: At 2 PM notify all judges that there will be a full investigation of all rulings over the last 100 years by your Constitutional Compliance Review Board that will make recommendations pertaining to legal and jurist reviews to ensure that all laws comport with Constitutional mandates and limitations

Legislative Branch: At 3PM meet with a joint session of Congress to submit FastTrack legislation to rescind the unconstitutional provisions contained within the NDAA, the Patriot Act, and all other Anti-American laws, etc. and call for:

Reinstatement of the Glass-Steagall Act

Termination of the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare)

Termination of the IRS

Termination of Common Core

Termination of the Dodd-Frank Legislation

Introduce Term Limits for all elected Federal Positions

Senate – three 6-year terms (18 years)

Congress – ten 2-year terms (20 Years)

President – two 4 year terms (8 years)

The Nation

At 8PM that evening you address the American People to:

Assure everyone that none of the bad things that they have been brainwashed to believe are going to happen – will happen. But you need their help. You are not going to start WWIII, you are not going to tolerate social misfits, or illegals who will not assimilate, and you have seized the control of the banks and are not going to allow a financial collapse

Speak openly about America’s true enemies and your plans to bring them to justice (see below)

Assure us that anyone attempting to undermine our financial security will be charged with treason and sedition and will be tried in a military court as enemy combatants; and that there is no place on earth for them to hide from American Justice

Issue a moratorium on all bank debt repayment of any kind (mortgages, student loans, credit cards, etc.) until the banking system can be restructured and recapitalized

Assure everyone that during this transition period, no one will starve (EBT cards will operate) or be forced from their homes

All bank accounts will remain open, no bank runs will occur, all ATM’s will operate

All grocery stores will have food, all power will remain on

Speak openly of your entire plan so that everyone can see the big picture about what is going to happen. Use full transparency and truth to set the expectations, timelines and challenges

Hold a press conference the next morning to announce specifics of your plan

Nationalize the Federal Reserve

Begin public issuance of currency and credit through the Department of Treasury under a new independent non-partisan agency, the Congressional Monetary Authority like CBO, GAO, and the CRS

Establish a new non-debt-based American Dollar that is real money backed by a basket of Commodities: Gold, Silver, Oil, Gas, etc.

Restructure the large “Too-big-to-Fail” commercial banks into regional and state banks by re-chartering them to conform with the operations similar to the State Bank of North Dakota

Profits would be distributed to make up for any shortfall in funding for all Federal, State and Local Operations in lieu of personal income taxes

Repudiate the National Debt to foreign nations with write-downs against payments owed to us by these foreign governments for prior national defense services that we provided

Begin the process of repatriating the hundreds of trillions of dollars that have been stolen from the American People since 1913 (Federal Reserve Act) and use these funds to eliminate our debt (in a modified Jubilee) and create Citizens’ Savings Accounts that are invested in T-Bills equal to about $1M for every citizen which will have specific use provisions to eliminate any inflationary tendencies

Establish free catastrophic healthcare plans, and free health maintenance plans through the Public Health Service

Arrest the known war criminals, Bushes, Clintons, Soros, Kissinger, Brzezinski, and all of the regular attendees of Bilderberg/CFR/the Bohemian Grove and any others who are known conspirators who seek to destroy our nation. You will know who they are from your FBI briefings and NSA files

Organize a fully transparent Truth and Reconciliation Tribunal to hold public hearings on a dedicated Public Television channel and Streaming Internet site where the criminals are tried (like the Nuremberg Hearings after WWII) where anyone can present evidence directly as a witness

Exit the UN and close the NYC headquarters

Announce our financial and military support for any people on earth that choose to depose their corrupt elites as well

Meet with Russia and China to forge an alliance of fair trade

Announce a massive full-employment public works program designed to hire 100 million people to rebuild our infrastructure just like FDR’s WPA.

Phase out the welfare state for the able-bodied and hire them into entry level positions to service the Make America Great Plan.

Provide OJT education, training and advancement opportunities to turn jobs into careers – with special emphasis on the following projects:

The North American Water and Power Alliance

Renewable Energy Initiatives

Zero Point Energy Competition

Complete rebuilding of all schools, bridges, roads, levies, dams, office buildings, a new hardened power grid, airports, mass transit, high speed rail, gardens, parks, waterways, stadiums, concert halls, sports arenas, a series of Spaceports, water treatment plants, hydroelectric facilities, etc.

Nationwide Free-Access to a High Speed WiFi Internet System that uses non-toxic frequencies

Reassign TSA members to border security

Restructure our Intelligence Agencies with citizen’s oversight commissions

Hold Congressional Hearings on the CIA like the Church hearings in the 1970’s.

Investigate whistleblower claims of a secret space program and a breakaway civilization

Place FISA court under Congressional Judiciary Committee Scrutiny

NSA to provide investigators with all files of the Elites

All Elites’ properties and financial assets to be confiscated until after their trials. If found guilty they will be sold at auctions

Overhaul education with a system of merit-based grants for all of our best schools and full scholarships for all of our brightest students

Begin rounding up undesirable illegals for deportation

De-militarize police and announce new rules of engagement for citizen interaction

Veterans affairs actions

I have certainly left out a lot of excellent reforms and other good ideas that will Make America Great Again. But this is a good place to start. May you stay safe and exercise wisdom with insight – to set America back on course, and pull us away from the brink of the looming tyranny and social collapse currently planned for us. Failure is simply not an option. – Dr. Richard Davis, MD

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