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Restoring America Trump Presidency Part Six

Restoring America Trump Presidency Part Six

This post titled Restoring America Trump Presidency Part Six, features excerpts from Michael Savage’s book titled “Government Zero” as part of his 40 actions to save America. Real people-real solutions. I am gathering information from various sources and segments from “We The People” in an attempt to help support the Presidency of Donald J. Trump and to perhaps inspire other like-minded ideas and information to disseminate on a broad basis. The next three months may very well be the most important three months in the history of our nation.

40 Steps To Save America

6. Require government-issued identification to vote. This seems like a no-brainer. It doesn’t guarantee the voter is a citizen, but it at least confirms he or she is alive. Dead voters overwhelmingly vote progressive. 7. Reintroduce civics classes to elementary and secondary schools. We need to teach our children the history and meaning of America’s founding fathers, founding documents, and founding principles. This knowledge should also be required on all citizenship tests.

7. Reintroduce civics classes to elementary and secondary schools. We need to teach our children the history and meaning of America’s founding fathers, founding documents, and founding principles. This knowledge should also be required on all citizenship tests.

8. Restore to active duty all military officers purged by Obama. Offer them a generous bonus as an incentive to return.

9. Restore physical standards in the military. If women are going to participate in combat, they are going to have to be able to meet the same physical standards as men. We cannot weaken our military for the sake of progressive politics. Lower standards cost lives on the battlefield.

10. Restructure military spending. We need to adequately equip the soldiers who are defending our civilization and stop wasting defense dollars in Germany and South Korea. Pull our troops out of those countries and redeploy them on our southern border. This will help control illegal immigration and ensure that soldiers are patronizing American retailers and businesses instead of foreign ones. Use some of the savings to increase the pay and upgrade the equipment of soldiers on the front lines of the war on radical Islam.

11. Cut the rest of government significantly. While our military is struggling, the rest of the meddling federal government is living higher than ever. Cut all nonmilitary spending in each department by 4 percent per year over the next presidential term, for a total reduction of 16 percent by 2021.

12. Repair our relations with Russia. Russia should be an ally in the war against radical Islam and a partner in the world economy. The United States should propose an agreement that has Russia cease any aggression outside its borders in return for assurance that the U.S. and Europe will stay out of the affairs of nations bordering Russia.

13. Sign a mutual defense treaty with Israel. The United States has no formal treaty with Israel at present. The U.S. would pledge its protection if Israel were attacked by a foreign power in return for Israel guaranteeing the safety of American shipping and trade with its own resources in the region.

14. End all foreign aid, including to Israel. The U.S. currently gives $ 3 billion in annual military aid to Israel and five times that amount to Middle Eastern nations, most of which want to destroy Israel. We can’t afford this, nor would we need to bribe other nations not

15. Recognize radical Islam as the enemy. We aren’t fighting a war on terrorism. Terrorism is a minor problem outside of what is perpetrated by radical Islam. Let’s formally recognize the enemy, who doesn’t just fight on the battlefield and in terrorist acts, but seeks to infiltrate the West and destroy its borders, language, and culture.

16. Allow profiling in security investigations. While the TSA is harassing a Welsh-German grandmother from Indiana, radical Islamists walk onto airplanes without identification and try to blow them up. This is the insane result of banning profiling in security work. The security risks to American citizens come from radical Islamists. They have openly declared their intentions. Let’s start our investigations on terrorist plots there and stop harassing innocent Americans.

17. Demand Congress declare war against ISIS and destroy them. ISIS claims to be a formal state. They control territory, have declared war on the United States, and have killed American citizens. This is a no-brainer. Declare war and win it decisively. The rules of engagement should go no further than what is required by the Geneva Conventions.

18. Close all tax loopholes for Hollywood. Hollywood has become a fountain of anti-Americanism and has tax incentives to keep churning out the garbage it has been creating. Close them. Let them survive without the government’s help.

19. Fund all climate science research to include the skeptics. This branch of science has become completely politicized.The reason so many scientists are willing to go along with this preposterous theory is they are dependent upon government money. Balance the funding and we’ll see a sudden uptick in skepticism about the real effects of man’s activities on climate.

20. Withdraw from the Trans-Pacific Partnership, if possible. We don’t know the terms of Obama’s secret trade deal. If there is a way to withdraw honorably under its terms, the next president should get out of it. The other 20 steps to save America can be found in Michael Savage’s book titled “Government Zero”.

The Most Important Book of 2016

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Must Read

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