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Restoring America Trump Presidency Part Three

We certainly have enough circulated information regarding the Clinton corruption and the bad news events of the day. Exposing Clinton’s corruption is essential. However, we must also dedicate a moment to looking ahead at a Trump administration. The following is a continuation of a proposed itinerary of action items to consider in a Trump administration. The following was written by Dr. Richard Davis and is titled in this blog post as Restoring America Trump Presidency Part Three. The links to parts one and two are provided below.

Restoring America Trump Presidency Part Three

Czars are Independent Counsels that head up Public/Private Reforms Commissions that gather information and submit evidence and recommendations to the appropriate Departments or Agencies: These would include the following areas of responsibility:

AI-Robotics-Automation, Balanced Budget, Banking, Oversee transition to State Chartered Banks, Biotechnology – Nanotechnology

Business – Oversee Break up of all cartels and monopolies

Constitution – Make recommendations for new amendments to secure liberty and safeguard freedoms


Elections – Ban Political Parties’ control over elections and candidate selection, Local Election Commission vetting of all candidates’ qualifications for Office, Open Primaries and General Elections, One man one vote, Public Funding of all campaigns, Duplicate Voting, Electronic Machines – preliminary unofficial tabulations, Public Ballot Counting of Paper Ballots in each precinct for Official Results


Entitlements Programs


FDA Reorganization




Intelligence – Place FISA Court under Congressional Jurisdiction, Eliminate all forms of warrantless collection of intelligence on US Citizens at home and abroad, Enforce Constitutional Protections for all citizens

Judicial – Oversee full review of all legal decisions made since 1791 to determine lawfulness and Constitutionality then make recommendations for Congressional action, Review fitness of all Federal Judges and make recommendations for Congressional impeachment and removal if necessary

Law Enforcement

Legal – Oversee implementation of citizen access to present evidence directly to grand juries at Federal, State and Local Levels, Make Recommendations for all other reforms necessary to secure individual liberties

Public Lands – Disband Bureau of Land Management and the Federal Park Service, and transfer all federal lands to the states

Space Exploration

States’ Rights – Oversee Transition of all unconstitutional Federal Authority to the States



“We The People” must come together now. Crush Clinton. Promote, donate and vote for Trump. What does “We The People” mean? Well just what it says. You see freedom its’ up to us.

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