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Rigged System Election Theft

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66 days and counting and the stakes are high. I have written about the subject of derailing Trump and voter and election fraud before in numerous posts over the past year. The most recent post is titled Secret Vote Count And The Rigged Elections.  To me the signs are everywhere. It’s a rigged system election theft has been going on for a long time. Stealing the election from Trump is the focus of this post and raises more questions than definitive answers. One thing we know with certainty and that is the ruling elite establishment does not want a Trump Presidency, this we all know for sure. We are down to the wire and all attempts to undermine and remove Trump as the GOP nominee have not only failed miserably but have backfired on them in more ways than one.

With just 66 days to before election day, we can expect the ramping up of efforts to try to derail, discredit and steal the election from Trump and perhaps something much worse. There may be some serious surprises on the immediate horizon. Consider this.

Rigged System Election Theft

The No Debate Debate – On September 7th Matt Lauer, will moderate the no debate debate. Instead a one hour forum will take place where Clinton and Trump will answer questions about national security, military affairs and veterans issues in front of an audience mainly made up of members of the military. The candidates will not be present on the stage at the same time, thus a no debate debate. Does this seem strange to you? It sure does to me. Hillary is not well and is being fully guarded and fully protected in more ways than one. Read more here about the no debate debate.

Department of Homeland Security – Now the DHS wants to take control over the elections. You see the DHS and the FBI are concerned that foreign hackers could disrupt the election process. Homeland Security To Take Charge Of Elections. Well my friends wake up and smell the coffee! Can you say False Flag or Hegelian Dialectic? Well this is being employed once again as an attempt to steal the election from Trump. Plain and simple, end of story.

Dead Candidates – Recently there has been talk about suspending the elections if a candidate dies. Is Hillary that unhealthy? And of course assassinating Donald Trump is easy for them to do (God for bid) and that would certainly prevent a Trump election. Although this is an option, it is doubtful this will be executed as the riots, uprising, chaos, unrest and mayhem that would follow is something they may fear. We have learned from so many incidences in the past. Can you say JFK?

Martial Law –Problem-reaction-Solution. They can trigger a false flag event be it terror, EMT, nuclear, virus, economic and so on or simply continue to create race, religion and class warfare among the populace sufficient enough to trigger martial law. Could they? Yes. Will they-perhaps, perhaps not. Martial law swings both ways and you can begin to read about this here in a series of very important and informative posts. Can martial law suspend elections preventing a Trump triumph? You bet.

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