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Ryan The Rotten RINO And Fourteen Offenses

Short List Of Offenses

Flooding US with illegal aliens specifically 1 million Muslims

Using the IRS to target Conservatives, Christians and pro-Israel groups

Justice department conducting criminal investigations of Fox reporters

Refusing to enforce immigration laws

Signing an Executive Order regarding illegals in defiance of Congress

Assaulting the second amendment by issuing on one day 21 Executive Orders to undermine the right to bear arms

Forcing Obamcare on the public by lying about cost and by bribing Senators

Flooding Mexico with machine guns and other weapons (Fast and Furious)

GM (General Motors) bailout unlawfully short-changed bond holders to benefit labor unions

Revealed detailed information of the killing of OBL which is a violation of the law revealing classified military secrets Iimpeachable offense

BHO lied about the killing of Ambassador Chris Stevens in Benghazi

Ryan The Rotten RINO And Fourteen Offenses

So after threatening Donald Trump with regards to his immigration policies, Ryan said “I would sue any President who exceeds his or her powers”. And so I ask Mr. Ryan what about the lawlessness of this rouge Presidency? Why have you not taken legal action that you pledge to take against Donald Trump should Mr. Trump become President? Because the corrupt two headed one party system is rigged from top to bottom and Ryan the rotten RINO is an obstacle to Donald Trump and to the restoration of the United States of America. He will pay fort this in the end. They all will.

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