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Scenario D – Destruction of America

Updated: Feb 5, 2021

Old Plan with Many Names

Lyseford near Stavanger, Norway. [Credit: Ruslan Dudaev.]

We are in the midst of an information war that will lead to knowledge, and ultimately to the truth. But to get there, we must emerge through the bottleneck that the globalists funneled us and the world economies into under the guise of the COVID pandemic.

For most people, who grew up in the systems of control living in the illusion that they were free, the cold truth that they were enslaved will liberate them, but devastate many others. We have been lied to on such an epic scale, over such a long arc of time that when the CIA-invented “conspiracy theorist” label vaporizes this spring as an artifact of the past the Great Reveal moment will shock people out of their stupor and to their core.

Until that new dawn rises, captured in Scenario A – America Restored: 1871-2021, we must see the dark agenda of the Great Reset (“The Plan”) roll out at an accelerated rate.

We must be pushed to the edge of the precipice and peer down into the abyss, the dark void where the globalists want to lead us.

Two-plus weeks into the Biden Camp, the CDC has become untethered by science and cold rationale. The ramping up of medical tyranny will gain velocity. Vaccine passports are on the docket; third party vendors such as airlines will act like gatekeepers. For now, travelers anywhere in the United States, who use public transportation, are mandated to wear masks or face steep fines and penalties.

Without any law legislated or enacted by Congress, the Centers for Disease Control (not a U.S. agency, but a foreign entity) has run roughshod over the Constitution and Bill of Rights, doubling down on masks as in wearing two masks. Knowing that the real threat to free Americans would be for the Dept. of Homeland Security to put “resisters” and those who don’t comply to the new fascist dictates on a fascist watchlist. That would ultimately lead to blacklisted Americans being entered into a Domestic Terrorist database, which Congress is scrambling to pass along with several other anti-American bills.

Add Joe Biden’s decree to use 10,000 troops to distribute COVID vaccines nationwide, one can see where this form of top-down, 1984, police surveillance state will lead to—a country suffocating under onerous rules, laws, and mandates. Yet all of this and more is being planned and pushed out by the media at increasing frequency, despite more than half of Americans either refusing to take the COVID vaccine or delay in doing so.

Why be a pioneer or guinea pig if not forced?

This past week, the Wall Street Journal published an article subtly placing the blame on Vaccine Skeptics join forces with Antimask Crowd.That article didn’t come out of the blue. It was perfectly timed, in sync with actions and messaging made by the government. Comply or be labeled with a digital Scarlet Letter with rights diminished or maybe taken away.

The Plan

For millennia, the Canaanite ‘Death Cult’ (“Cabal”) used its global banking cartel, tax systems, control over the courts, blackmail, power in the infiltrated governments, and inflationary theft to entrap unwitting, hardworking people as wage slaves, burdening them and the companies they work for under massive amounts of debt.

Did you know that the Great Reset was originally named Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars?

Or that the Cabal secretly declared World War III against the citizens of the world in 1954? Or that a leaked document, found in a Boeing factory in 1986, revealed The Plan on its 25th anniversary in 1979?

In the 1970s, The Plan was updated by Klaus Schwab’s Davos Manifesto as an economic warfare tool. Then in 1986 when the Silent Weapons brief was leaked to the public, the global elite no longer hid their plans. They published them out in the open as a warped type of “informed consent.”

Those updated Plans included:

1987 – UN/Brundtland Common Future report on “Sustainable Development Goals”

1991 – The Club of Rome’s The First Global Revolution

1992 – UN’s Agenda 21 Conference “The Sustainable Development Knowledge Platform”

Each time The Plan, or parts of it, was updated by the United Nations (2005), the Rockefeller Foundation (2010), Klaus Schwab’s Fourth Industrial Revolution (2016), World Economic Forum The Great Reset (2020), and the WEF, John Hopkins University and the Bill Gates Foundation’s Event 201 pandemic exercise and simulation, the people of the world got a taste of what was in store for them. The Plan always covered three broad topics.

  • Population control and reduction

  • Enslavement for those who survive

  • Transhumanism for the digital slave connected to an artificial intelligence cloud that aims to control every remaining person

‘Informed Consent’ Sorcery

Using an obscure alchemy to fool people, the Cabal mastered the informed (fuzzy by design) consent (equally vague) formula. They used a mixture of “predictive programming” and publications of their Plan detailing how they intended to achieve full control over the human race in a One World Governance system—or Nazi World Order (NWO).

The cloudy informed consent came in many forms over the years. That included their 10-step Plan carved literally into stone, in eight languages, in the Georgia Guidestones. Details of The Plan were also presented in myriad publications over the decades. They were seen overtly or as a metaphor in the Opening Ceremonies of the 1992 and 2012 Olympics; in cartoons, such as The Simpsons; and movies like The Matrix and The Hunger Games.

Informed Consent was slipped in more subversively via the bonded birth certificates that gave Big Pharma the right to vaccinate babies on their first day of birth, and through the bloated, toxic vaccine schedules for children in the U.S. and Europe. The Cabal corporate proxies genetically modified seeds and food, because they told us they were bioengineering agriculture. They did the same with water fluoridation, because they sold us fluoride was good to fight tooth decay from all the sugar consumed from their processed foods, while withholding real data of how fluoride has been linked to a drop of several IQ points in children.

Of course, they told us they would keep modern farms weed- and pest-free by using glyphosate, without telling us about the long-term, detrimental health effects or how the synthetic molecule has contaminated the land and waterways across the globe.

COVID theater, really The Plan’s Swiss army knife, enabled the elites to demolish economies and small businesses. It placed the masses in a vice under the control of governments, making them dependent on income and debt relief, at first, with manufactured food shortages to come in 2021 to further make the people submit to The Plan.

But the COVID pandemic achieved many goals:

  • Hide Trillions of insurmountable debt created with "free" fiat money the past decade (cover story 1)

  • Blame the weak/non-virus for the economic implosions (cover story 2)

  • Roll out the Great Reset (Trojan horse 1)

  • Mass vaccinate the masses with mRNA shots (Trojan horse 2)

  • Usher in one world governance per Climate Change hoax (cover story 3)

Next up in 2021:

  • Food shortages (climate change)

  • New COVID-21 mutations; fabricate fear to sell...

  • More mass vaccinations

  • Deaths from vaccinations to be blamed on COVID-21 (scapegoat)

The Plan's end goals:

  • Thin the herd

  • Control the masses (masks, social distancing, Covid vaccines--going well)

  • Obliterate business competition at every level

  • Erase human and individual rights (new Congressional bills aim to do this)

  • Consolidate power

  • Cull resisters (2nd half 2021)

  • Enact a global surveillance state (Hello Skynet!)

  • Erect consumer/digital/data gatekeepers (more than halfway there)

  • Enrich global elites

  • Empower global Super State

The goals of their Plan would have been fringe and conspiratorial, even sacrilege just two years ago.

But not anymore.

The Cabal would have pulled off the hat trick if President Trump hadn’t emerged to disrupt The Plan and its implementation.

With the threat of the freedom movement awakening the masses, Millennials and Zoomers are exposing the corruption in banking from the Reddit forum "Wall Street Bets," while tearing off the façade of the establishment cartel. The old guard system is about to collapse. But before we get there, before we push through the final furlong, before we emerge from the bottleneck that COVID hoax squeezed us through, we will be brought to the brink.

At the edge of the precipice we will peer into the void. It will be a stark warning... to never return to the hellish world the Cabal had planned for the destruction of humanity.

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1 comentario

Penny Stephens
15 jun 2021

Well Done James!

I read of the Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars about six months ago when I realized things in our world were not adding up. Bill Cooper shared the military manual, SWQW, in his book Behold A Pale Horse.... the manual blew my mind when I then realized my government was trying to kill me and everyone else.

Your article will make for a good brief read for those that are still asleep.

Thank you!

God Bless America!

God Bless President Trump!

God Bless Space Force!

God Bless All Our Citizen Patriots!

Patriot Penny

Me gusta
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