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Shutdown and Darkness Leads to the Precipice

by James Grundvig

25 January 2021

Blackout of the White House and the Washington Monument. [Credit James Grundvig.]

When January 20 came and went with no mass arrests of the election coup plotters, Trump supporters and Q decoders, called “anons,” were surprised and disheartened. The alt media talking heads, who had “intel” or predicted swift military action saw none. Since then, they've been attacked and discredited by angry Americans, who care about the country and their liberties and freedoms, but not being taken for a ride on a massive psyop for the past three years. It was bad enough that Trump had the election stolen from him in a global coup.

The gut punch knocked the wind out of their sails. Depression set in like tombstone-grey clouds before a storm.

Looking back at the inauguration, with Joe Biden being sworn in two minutes early—not legal under the U.S. Constitution—with his left hand on an upside Bible, with the Cross facing the ground went beyond disrespect for the holy book, it was a demonic gesture.

The Cabal believed they had won. They stole the election and now can resume the disrupted plans to overthrow the United States of America, fulfilling the coup and their dark prophecy to “depopulate” the resisters and undesirables under COVID-19.

For many of the anons—anonymous researchers, patriots, digital soldiers—who also decoded how the events might turn out, including a reversal in the election results, did so by not fully understanding the “Plan.” They would frequently be reminded to “trust the Plan.” Decoding it and understanding its full scope was another matter.

The decoders also tried to lock in dates on how the endgame of the Plan would play out. I, too, missed many codes and events that didn’t turn out, such as the rescue of victims from child-human sex trafficking rings and networks. (Psst! That's coming soon). But that’s the nature of decrypting coded messages. Sometimes the codes are plants of disinformation since both the "white hat" anons and the dark forces can all view and read the open-source intelligence posts.

Over the weekend, I dropped decoding the 4,953 posts that the Q Team have published over the past three and a half years—first post came on October 28, 2017—and decided to look at themes instead. On themes to examine, they needed to be broad-brush stroke topics, often single words, often connected to future events that had not yet happened, or were mistakenly believed to have happened but had little meaning. Decoders get things wrong, from time to time. They’re human. Better than AI, at this moment in history.

Up Periscope:

Three big themes popped up when I researched the Q databases by keyword search. They are: Darkness, Shutdown, Precipice.

From there I sketched a triangle on a whiteboard, placed Shutdown and Darkness at the two bottom angles and wrote Precipice on the top angle. I did so, knowing one anon had asked Q on a message board: “I have a question: 10 Days, Darknesswhen?” [Q post: 12-6-2017.]

Q responded: “Shutdown.”

The Shutdown-Darkness-Precipice Triangle. [Credit: James Grundvig.]

Many thought the shutdown answer was related to the government shutdown that occurred in January 2018, when President Trump and the Senate dug in for a cowboy standoff. But no 10 days, darkness followed. There were other times when pundits and researchers thought that period of darkness would come later, after it didn't arrive, such as the U.S. election on November 3, 2020, or when the House-Senate illegally confirmed the Biden vote (1/6.2021), or during the Biden inauguration (1/20/2021). But none of those events triggered arrests. Why not?

What entails the 10 days, darkness?

Equally important: What will come after the period of darkness?

To answer the first question with some degree of accuracy, we must answer the ensuing question first. After the shutdown trigger ushering in 10 days, darkness, where will that lead to? Stepping back and looking at the whiteboard, it became clear that those two themes would lead to the third theme: Precipice.

In separate posts, Q wrote three times about the precipice.

“ONLY AT THE PRECIPICE [moment of destruction] WILL PEOPLE FIND THE WILL TO CHANGE. [Q-4007: 6-4-2020.]

“Only then, at the precipice, will people find the will to change [to participate.]” [Q-4641: 9-9-2020.]

“Only at the precipice will people find the will [strength] to change and break the system of control [be free.]”

[Q-4685: 9-12-2020.]

Power Outage at the Washington Monument

On Sunday night (1-24-21), a little before 9 pm, the power went out to the Washington Monument, as well as the White House. It was strange, since the U.S. National Park Service, who were investigating the hyper localized blackouts, could figure out what caused the DC landmarks to go dark. Stranger still, not a single mainstream outlet covered the story at all. Sure, The Gateway Pundit picked up the story from a Twitter feed—that’s about it. Was the media blackout of the power outage the result of the story being an anomaly, thus small and not newsworthy?

Writing it off as strange and not terribly important in the context of mainstream news might seem appropriate. But then Congressional Majority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) announced that she was putting a “lid” on Congress this week. Searching the House website schedule, every day of the calendar week returned “No meeting for this date.” Odd, no? The Senate returned the same message for the whole week. Yes, the subcommittees are still listed to meet this week, but the chambers appear closed for sessions.

Doesn’t that seem extremely odd in light of the new Biden Administration coming into office? Does that seem odd with the new administration being less than a week old with the “lid” closed? When was the “lid” closed on congressional sessions for a new administration in the past? I don't recall such a practice in my lifetime, spanning scores of new presidencies dating back to John F. Kennedy in the early 1960s. Yet, odder still, when the “lid” is placed next to Pelosi’s Friday, January 22, press release, stating the majority leader would “deliver articles of impeachment to the Senate on Monday, January 25,” all is "quiet on the congressional front."

Something else is taking place. Call it a vibe or undercurrent. Not the usual discourse of business. Something big feels out of alignment.

So, is the “lid” the shutdown that Q replied to in post 282?

Certainly feels that way. If true, that means the countdown for the 10 days, darkness—information blackout—leading to the precipice has begun.

Down Periscope:

The precipice sounds like humanity will be taken to the edge of the abyss, shown a gateway to hell, a near future so bleak with the dark plans being revealed to light that they will instantly shock people awake, snap them out of their programmed stupor.

The reaction to the truth will become a collective consciousness where people, once divided, once pitted against one another, will realize that the system they grew up in and supported was a lie meant to enslave them. Since the Wuhan Flu arrived in America one year ago to the month, we have seen pieces of their dark agenda, but not the full scope of the Great Reset.

The shutdown has begun.

Darkness will ensue.

Together they will lead us to the precipice.

Maybe as soon as next week, if the Plan stays on course.

# # #

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Thi Thuy Quynh Nguyen
Jan 27, 2021

The key to the problem that led to Trump's defeat on June 6, then on January 20, I have analyzed very carefully that Mr. Trump's "stupid" diplomatic moves related to the yellow flag and the current Vietnamese government. in the stt I write on 10, 13.1, eg

The important detail I have analyzed very carefully to 3 videos about Michael Phuong Nguyen's sudden intervention by the TRump government, directly from the Vietnamese prison in October. Anyone interested in finding out carefully should watch all 3 videos I analyze about this case, here is the key video link:

This, if considered carefully, can be blamed on Mike Pompeo - the foreign minister, Mr. Trump's almost absolute loyalist.…


Thi Thuy Quynh Nguyen
Jan 27, 2021

About the vietnam pow mia flag hanging right below the American flag on the day Bien took over the presidency of the United States January 20th.

The leading American intellectuals support Mr. Trump to this section, looking at every color in his clothes on January 20, the bible put up or down Biden claimed:


The US Army also has its own flag, but it is not the vietnam pow mia flag entirely.

Link viki about the private flag of the US military.

As for…

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