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“Send Her Back” – Some People Said Something


About 911, someone once said that “some people did something” Oh yeah it was Ilhan Omar who once said that. Well on July 17, 2019 in Greenville, NC at the Trump rally, America responded, by chanting, “send her back”. Seems some people said something. You know what I say, If you don’t like this country – get the hell out!

Islamization of America Underway

In my book, Trump and the Resurrection of America”, I wrote about the Islamization of America. I encourage you to click here and have a look. Fast forward to the 2018 mid-term elections and you can see they are here and encroaching into our system of government. Click here and see just how many Muslims won elections in 2018, you will be shocked. Check out the mounting evidence. Omar the terrorist?

Investigate Her

Perjury? Fraud? Keep reading and click on the links. She makes blatant anti-semetic remarks? She married her brother? How did these documents pass through the system? There is much more. Just as Obama, (Barry Soetoro), was never truly vetted, let us not allow this to happen with this American hating now elected official Omar (and others). Investigate her now then send her back.  Why? Well for obvious reasons. And if this is not obvious enough, read this.  Wake up America, wake up. We had better vote them all out in 2020. Enough said. Meanwhile the de-class will begin to dominate the narrative as these noisy distractions will end up taking a back seat. Epstein case will unfold and this is the tip of the iceberg.  Get ready, the battles have begun.


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