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Sessions Deep State Dweller or 3D Chess?

Sessions Deep State Dweller or 3D Chess?

Commentary and analysis by author, activist, John Michael Chambers

Sessions Deep State Dweller or 3D Chess? This is a most important question that in my view will be revealed in due time. I am beginning to think that Sessions was “supportive” of Trump as a candidate perhaps as a ploy to protect the guilty within the deep state and it’s democrat, republican and other operatives. I mean after all, as soon as he was appointed, he recused himself from the Russian inquiry. Yes Sessions has done some good work as AG. But where it counts most? He is MIA!

3D Chess or Deep State Dweller

We have all come to learn how President Trump operates. The over used but applicable phrase of 3D chess fits the bill. I for one trust the plan, it’s happening. I for one trust our President. So is there some chance that this is part of an elaborate chess move that will soon zing it to the deep staters which would be ideal, or is there another rat in the justice department? I have my doubts and am leaning towards the latter; Sessions may be a deep state dweller. Why hasn’t Sessions un-recused himself? Is he like many, being blackmailed? Bribed? Compromised in some way? As AG he has the power to let the hammer of justice pound on the table. In my view, if this does not begin to occur in relatively short order, Sessions will be removed from position as AG.

Sean Hannity has said it’s time for Sessions to do his job. But has he? President Trump has expressed regret over picking Sessions as AG. Again, 3D ploy or truth? We shall soon find out. I know one thing for sure and that is that we are making enormous progress as you connect the dots on Trump’s public statements with regards to the Intel-communities and deep state dwellers. I believe we are entering steps six and seven on the scale of discovery and action. The deep state is imploding and they are scrambling and they are now on the run as they ramp up their efforts to maintain the control they are losing. In the end…they lose.

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