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Sleepy, Creepy Joe Leads Trump in Polls – Nonsense!

Sleepy, Creepy Joe Leads Trump in Polls - Nonsense!

Sleepy, Creepy Joe Leads Trump in Polls? Nonsense. While President Trump broke the attendance record in his recent New Hampshire rally with over 12,000 inside and thousands more outside, Biden drew 30 the same week and Pocahontas drew 700. There were more people on line for the rest room at the Trump rally then were in attendance at the Biden and Warren events combined. Ponder that for a moment.

Personally, I think there is a good chance we have not even seen the Democrat nominee on the platform yet. Can you say some Billionaire or perhaps Michelle Obama? In my view, no one can beat Trump in the Presidential debate. Get the popcorn ready, it will be a great show. We must remember that Hillary too was “leading in the polls” and she too could not fill a library while on the campaign trail. Polls are rigged. I have written extensively about this in my book “Trump and the Resurrection of America”. Trump is gaining massive support and this will be clear on election day 2020. Let’s step back, then move forward. Consider this in the 2016 election:

The Past

* Estimated 200,000 dead people voted

* Estimated 5-8 million illegal aliens voted

* Numerous other election rigging games that are played

* Computer theft via GEMS or black box voting

Even with the rigged elections against Donald Trump, as well as the media and entire Deep State apparatus against him, Donald Trump won the election fair and square (well at least on our end), with over 3,000 counties to a few dozen counties that went to Clinton. He crushed her in the electoral college and truth be told, he won the popular vote in a landslide too. Today, there are far more than 63 million Trump supporters, make no mistake about this.

Present & Future

According to surveys which were also reported by Candice Owens before Congress, the black community support for President Trump continues to be on the rise from 18% support in 2016 to an estimated 36%-39% today, and rising. And as for the Jewish community, the President is working on this now too and I believe some more may begin to come aboard. We have RINOS, seems we also have JINOS, (Jews in name only). How can the Jewish community continue to support this “Democrat” party? I believe many will vote for Trump, albeit in the closet to “save face”. I’m grateful to my many Jewish friends for supporting Trump.

As to Democrats in general, you see most people (not the left wing lunatic fringe), do not support killing new born babies or infanticide. Nor do they support Socialism as they have no desire to have their hard earned dollars taken away by massive, excessive taxation which comes to the dance in a Socialist platform. The Democrats are not supportive by and large of the “green new deal”. They too, like you and me, want their children and grandchildren to have the same opportunities that we had. Democrats are waking up  and discovering their party has left them. And so as the left implodes and begins to turn on themselves, keep in mind that the de-class (Inspector General Report, FISA, NSA files, Jeffrey Epstein intel., Wikileaks, and Hillary’s e-mails which are stored on servers over at the State Dept.), will help deliver the final and fatal blow ensuring a Trump victory.


Donald Trump will win the election with a historical landslide in both the electoral college as well as the popular vote. The only way President Trump is not reelected will be if they successfully rig and steal the election (and now the President is working on Voter ID and counting paper ballots), or if Trump is taken from us, God forbid. The President has his own personal private security detail in addition to the Secret Service. We are on God’s side. Pray for our President’s safety.

Now, sure, if they succeed at destroying the stock market and other areas of the economy, this will hurt and may create a risk for Trump as people vote with their pockets. But you must come to understand just what the President is doing. He is working within the rigged system and playing it against the Central Bank and the Federal Reserve. President Trump is unofficially controlling the Fed. It’s a fascinating phenomenon that requires a series of articles to be written. There are many already here on my blog website under “Financial” archives. In the meantime, visit my YouTube channel playlist titled “GFR”, Global Fianacial Reset and join me and my co-host, Economist, Dr. Kirk Elliott  as we connect the dots on the reset and make sense of the madness.

Simply stated, the Dems., Jews and Blacks, are coming aboard and will do so more and more as the election draws near. Let us keep our movement intact. Let us get other Republicans off the couch and into meetings. Get them registered to vote and do what you can to see that they do. I see a massive victory in 2020 for Trump, America, and the human race. Get ready for the world to be rocked as the de-class is now here. Drip by drip. Step by step. Day by day. We are winning my friends. We are winning!


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