The Coronavirus PLANdemic And Citizens Intelligence Assessment (The New CIA)

I have been talking with investigative journalist / author and follower of Q, Mr. James Grundvig from New York. You can find his work at,, the Epoch Times and on Amazon. He has been following the Coronavirus pandemic or PLANdemic from it’s origins forward. Below is a timeline of what he has highlighted in a discussion I had with James on my daily YouTube broadcast, “News Behind The News“.

I recently picked up a term from a friend and fellow patriot, Mike Zarzano, and that term being, Citizens Intelligence Assessment, or the new CIA. Watch this discussion with Mike Zarzano and what he reported about the 7th district court of Florida with regards to forced vaccinations and more.

Coronavirus PLANdemic

Author, investigative journalist, and a member of the new CIA, James Grundvig discussed with both Kelly Ruiz and I, a timeline of key events that just somehow did not make it to the evening news, yeah and that includes FOX NEWS. So here we go. I strongly suggest you hear the lively discussion as the following is simply an outline of what was discussed at length on the show.

Who Planned the Pandemic and Why? 

Three Pandemic Drills preceded the December Wuhan Virus outbreak

* August 15 – DHS simulates a Flu Pandemic drill called “Crimson Contagion Exercise.

* Sept. 15 – China’s PLA Army runs a Coronavirus drill in Wuhan

* Oct. 15 – Bill Gates, JHU, World Economic Forum run the Coronavirus simulation that kills 65 million virtual people

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CQVID-2020 Counterattack to COVID-19 Spring Timeline:

Q talks about “Done in 30” Days. This has begun.

3-11-20 – The WHO declares a Global Pandemic, when they could have done that any day for 6 weeks before.

Note: 3-11-20 is a Masonic anti-holy day, the 9-year anniversary of the Fukushima Quake/Tsunami/Meltdown

3-11-20 – Trump bans international flights to Europe

3-11-20 – 30,000 US troops land in the empty streets of Italy “without facemasks” (was the scary headlines; except those soldiers had probably taken the antidote) for a NATO drill that got canceled a few days later (we know they could have saved the troop movement trouble by canceling the exercise by phone, but that didn’t happen)

3-13-20 – Bill Gates quits 2 boards on the same day: Microsoft and his mentor’s board Warren Buffet Berkshire Hathaway (miraculous timing; quit on the Masonic day of Friday the 13th-can’t make this up)

3-16-20 – Lockheed Martin CEO resigns (and many others)

3-17-20 – St. Patrick’s Day to chase the snakes away. This is the external proof to me and many others that the long awaited Ghost Operation has launched. Google became “unlocked, uncensored, unfiltered.” Not in 10 years for us vaccine researchers has it been like this.

ALL of these strange events taking place in less than a week.

3-20-20 – First full day of spring, US military takes over control tower of Las Vegas McCarran Airport and shuts it down… (9th busiest airport in the world)

3-21-20 – US military shuts down San Francisco Airport (7th busiest airport in the world)…

3-22-20 – 40th anniversary of the Georgia Guidestones (Google that now) and its calls for depopulating the earth–very Masonic.

3-22-20 – Trump declares we have the PILL(S) to solve the pandemic; the shock on Dr. Tony Fauci’s face was priceless. From Q Post 456

3-22-20 – 9 military transport planes flew in from Germany, Spain, and the UK with several of them landing in the shutdown Las Vegas Airport (this smells like a military op to me; MSM won’t cover this info)

3-24-20 – NY drug trials of the PILL (Chloronique + 1 anti-viral) begin

3-24-20 – Trump states with confidence “People will return to churches”

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Does this timeline have your attention yet? It should. There is more to come on:

3-31-20 – start of “10 days of Darkness” (likely reference down Internet or phone communication; Trump will comm thru emergency channel on our smartphones during this period)

4-01-20 – April Fool’s watch 12:01 EST –

4-09-20 – End 10 Days of Darkness

4-10-20 – (DJT Call sign) Good Friday, the Day of the Great Awakening

4-12-20 – Q+ Trump’s prediction people will return to churches, more than the usual number…It’s a military ghost operation, a plan they won’t deviate from.

By emptying the streets, cities, schools, buildings, staying at home, no more large crowds or gatherings mean no more false flag attacks, crashing planes into building, suicide bombers, massacres.


The storm is upon us. Follow Q. Follow us on “News Behind The News” a daily live news broadcast, connecting the dots and making sense of the madness. Subscribe to this website and subscribe to the YouTube Channel and click that little YouTube bell on the upper right hand corner. You will be notified each time we go live. We are live , Monday-Friday at 11:00 AM EST for a one hour broadcast. If you miss the show, that’s okay all shows remain archived on the YouTube channel platform. Be sure to read this article MARCH MADNESS AND 10 DAYS OF DARKNESS and follow all the sourced references.

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Video Commentary

Clarion Call

This battle will rage on for the rest of our lives. Pray for our President and his family. No Trump-no hope. What we do right here, right now is for posterity. So when your children and grandchildren ask you “What were you doing when the global governance was being thrust down the throat of America and the world, what will your answer be? Freedom, it’s up to U.S.

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