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The Donald Is In Danger

The Donald is in Danger

Some don’t like him as a person. Some don’t like his political positions. I know two things for certain: 1. Donald Trump is winning in most all if not all the polls and 2. Donald Trump is in danger, serious danger. I touched on this in a previous blog titled, “Is Donald Trump Finished?” which is a quick and important read, I urge you to begin there then return to this blog post, as this is an update and follow up commentary.

Is Donald Trump’s life really in danger? You decide. If elected, It is apparent from Trump’s campaign-rally blitz that he has as part of his agenda the following:

  1. Continue to challenge and expose the biased media in ways we can’t even imagine. This is a game changer.

  2. Address Hilary Clinton’s e-mail scandal as well as Benghazi and seek prosecution for potential criminal activity.

  3. Defund and eliminate Obama care.

  4. Protect the second amendment.

  5. Try and arrest all of those in the administration and in congress whom are deemed to have been treasonous or complicit (on both sides of the aisle) and who may have committed crimes.

  6. Transform election campaign funding and shut down the PACS.

  7. Reverse many executive orders by both President Bush and President Obama.

  8. Build his wall and put forward aggressive border controls as President Jimmy Carter did during his presidency regarding the Iran crisis.

  9. Round up and deport in excess of over 100,000 Syrian refugees already in this country since 2012 as well as the ones scheduled to arrive presently and through 2018.  Deport all illegal aliens on the streets and in the U.S. prisons.

  10. Reverse long standing trade agreements with many nations.

  11. Attempt to return corporations and jobs back to the U.S. and deter corporations from moving plants and offices overseas.

  12. People like Eric Holder, Valerie Jarrett, and Hilary Clinton, certain individuals in the IRS and perhaps even President Obama and many others will be investigated, tried and prosecuted. Some may end up in prison.

I asked the following question in the previous blog; “What does JFK, RFK, MLK, John Lennon, Gandhi and Donald Trump have in common?” They all were a threat to the established order. They each challenged the power centers within the structured and controlled establishment. They each paid the ultimate price.

The elitists and the United Nations are at the final major thrust towards global dominance via global governance; the new world order and a self-funding Donald Trump is upsetting the apple cart in a very big way. He must be stopped and there are a few ways they can do this. I will cover this in another blog as a dedicated stand-alone topic. So I ask is “The Donald” in Danger? In this one man’s opinion and if history is any indication, yes you bet he is.

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