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The Impeachment That Never Was

The Impeachment That Never Was

Commentary and analysis by John Michael Chambers

And the fake news media headlines get it wrong again, “Trump Impeached”, oops-NOT! With headline after headline to keep the public ill-informed, (and by some measures there is an estimated 30% of Americans who actually believe the President was impeached and even removed from office), the main stream media gets it wrong yet again. With crazy and unhinged Pelosi’s recent unconstitutional move of withholding the articles from the Senate, President Trump has not officially, constitutionally and factually been impeached. Pelosi is so frazzled it’s as though she is a clone that is malfunctioning. Clone? Chipped? Programmed? Feast your eyes on this and forward to 11:50 time marker. Pelsoi press conference.

I will get back on point in a moment. But have you ever noticed similar malfunctions in Joe Biden, and Hillary Clinton? I mean Joe cant get a sentence out and suddenly mentions the word “roaches” completely non-sequitur to what he was talking about. And what he was talking about was how he loves children on his lap and something about the blonde hair on his legs etc. He has come out on stage standing with his back to the audience. He also cannot even name the state he is in and so much more. Then there was as you may recall, Hillary Clinton having what seemed to be a completely out of control rather lengthy spasm ( time marker 1:10). in addition to her legs giving out more often than not. Then there was the event at a rally she gave while running against Trump where she lost all control and a gentleman raced to the platform and looked Iike he inserted or injected or zapped her in the back with something. Don’t you find it odd, that these bizarre occurrences are only present in the democrat party? Talk about puppet masters! I let you think on that for a moment. Hum, makes one wonder what these malfunctions are.  Pelosi, Biden, Hillary, others, Cloned? Chipped? Programmed? We’ll leave that for another article and discussion. Back on point…

Can You Say Illegal Coup?

Those in the know, those awake, knew this from day one. I have written about this in real time. Yes this is in fact another treasonous illegal coup d’ etat. Consider this and this just scratches the surface.

* Schiffs parody (lie)

* No whistle blower and nothing to whistle blow

* Transcripts released – case closed

* Dems switch since caught right out of the gate – bribery, quid pro quo disappears from articles of impeachment

* Entire process in the House unconstitutional in protocol

* No due process afforded to the President or the Republicans – no lawyers-no witnesses

* No evidence or facts for high crimes and misdemeanors – nor are they mentioned in the articles of impeachment

* 100% partisan Dems only vote. Four Dems do not vote yeah for impeachment and one thus far defects and comes over to the Republican party

* Not bi-partisan, Clock and a calendar sham – no impeachable offenses

* Pelosi withholds and delays Senate hearings – thus presently not impeached not even by the house

Need I continue?

Will They Stop Here?

They will never stop until exposed and justice begins to be served.  This will take some years but we are progressing according to plan. Once we gain full control over the rigged deep state and shadow government systems etc., the acceleration of our success will continue. Meanwhile, the Deep State, the Dems. and other swamp creatures have contingency plan after contingency plan. Pelosi, the front mouthpiece for the Deep State on this  criminal coup, is buying time. Read and watch what Mike Adams has to report about this. Do you believe me now? Democrats actively rolling out scheme to remove VP Mike Pence so they can install Nancy Pelosi, then Hillary Clinton as President… the CRIMINAL COUP IS HERE.

What Others Are Saying (Repubs. and Dems.)


Pelosi wants to negotiate how the Senate trial will be conducted. Excuse me Nancy, it is NOT up to the house nor the speaker it is solely up to the senate. If the articles are filed in the Senate – it is then that President Trump would have officially been impeached by the Democrats only and only in the House upon a procedure that violated the Constitution and denied rights that were afforded to the Senate and the President under the Constitution. This is the first ever in history, an all partisan, no High Crimes and Misdemeanors a US Impeachment with two articles presented that do not adhere to what are impeachable offenses per the Constitution.

This is why Democrat and Constitutional Scholar Jonathan Turley who told us under oath that he did not vote for Trump, and testified that there are no impeachable offenses and that the house Democrats that are violating the Constitution and obstructing justice.  Then there’s life long proud liberal Democrat Alan Dershowitz  who concurs with Turely.

Could these articles go straight to the Supreme Court and basically be expunged there? Will these fake phony and false articles of impeachment go to the Senate? Will there be a trial in the Senate or will it simply be dismissed due to the fraudulent nature of it? Will the Senate take a quick vote of which will overwhelmingly support the President thus DOA, no impeachment and removal?  We are weeks away from having these questions answered.

The Real Story – The News Behind The News

The REAL story is FISA, the Epstein intel, Julian Assange intel – NSA Data Collection – Giuliani’s files, (bye bye Biden and others) and then there is the on-going criminal investigation being conducted by Prosecutor John Durham against the deep state and its Democrat and other operatives. Let us not forget two important tings, all this FISA spying data implicates Obama and then there’s Hillary’s 33,0000 e-mails in the state department. Pain and justice is coming for the guilty in 2020 and beyond.

Yes this failed coup (yet another one) against this most popular (turn off fake news), and successful duly elected President has utterly failed. From Schiff’s onset with his parody and lies to the current state of affairs. Four dems did not vote for it. ZERO republicans voted.  The public opinion is not in favor for the deep state and the Dems. One Dem, (so far), has left the party and come over to Republicans. This may be a trend as 2020 plays out. Trump’s polls are up even higher than before the fake phony and false impeachment and the Dems as a result of all this BS are being seen for what they are and who they are actually serving, (hidden puppet masters) and thus they are losing ground in battleground states and with all the TRUE evidence and facts out on FISA and soon (late 2020) Durham’s criminal investigation, the Dems and deep state scum will be in real trouble. They already are and they know it. They are panicking and further insidious coups are already underway. Watch AG Barr on FOX.

But I say this, not only will it be a Trump landslide, both popular vote and electoral college in 2020 , but the Dems stand a VERY good chance of losing a majority in the House. People are waking up to the real world and waking up all over the world; Deep State-Deep Swamp, Fake News – Fed Res. CB system, Big Pharama, Pedophilia, false flags, “suicided’s” and so on and so on. This is why 36%-39% of the black community has come aboard as opposed to 18% in 2016. Many more Dems are moving over and by the time Durham and Barr begin to drop the hammer – far more will come aboard. The Democrat party has left the Dems. and they know it so they are coming over to join us.

Trump fills stadiums with ticket requests often exceeding 100,000 per event and stadiums filled with thousands while thousands remain outside watching the screens. Biden, (present front runner and I believe they will bring Clinton or Michelle out to “save the day” ), draws sometimes less than 100. There are more people on line at the ladies room at any given Trump rally than there are in total at any given Biden rally. Now there are your polls. Oh yeah, and nobody (outside of evil people and left wing lunatics) support infanticide, pedophilia and hardcore socialism.

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Final Word

If you believe that things will calm down soon I am here to inform you they wont. Not for some time. In fact, you ain’t seen nothing yet. Best way to get through all that is about to happen in 2020 and beyond, is to surround yourself with like minded people who understand the times in which we live. Break free from the matrix of controlled thought and complete lies. Click and request your free copy of the digital report to help you with this. It’s right here under Author page on this site. Americans are starving for truth. Seek it. Share it. Pay attention. Expand your thinking. The world is waking up. Nothing will stop us. Victory is ours. MAGA – WWG1WGA. Come join us.

Trump and the Resurrection of America Book

Clarion Call

This battle will rage on for the rest of our lives. Pray for our President and his family. No Trump-no hope. What we do right here, right now is for posterity. So when your children and grandchildren ask you “What were you doing when the global governance was being thrust down the throat of America and the world, what will your answer be? Freedom, it’s up to U.S.

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