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The Most Important Book Of 2016


Coming soon “What One Man Can Do” the new Donald Trump book to help swing voters. America and freedom itself is at a crossroads. Civilization as we know it is about to change. This is the most important book of 2016 “What One Man Can Do”. This is America’s last stand as the world awaits, No Trump-No Hope. Subscribe here now to be sure you receive the release date and links to acquire your book. A podcast has been added to this important post. You will find the podcast at the bottom of this blog post page. But first please do continue reading…

Donald J. Trump is an absolute phenomenon and should the election be denied him in any way, shape, or form, he has already served humanity in ways comparable (in my opinion) to other natural and brave leaders whose presence inspired the masses in a positive way, people such as President John F. Kennedy, Senator Robert F. Kennedy, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Princess Diana, Gandhi and even John Lennon. Donald Trump has single-handedly awakened the spirit and sparked the light inside of hundreds of millions of people across the globe. What is happening with Trump has never happened before in history. It’s an exciting time to be alive. The GOP better not steal the nomination from Trump and from we the people. Trump is a winner up against all odds.

The Most Important Book Of 2016

Broken down into four sections I The Trump Phenomenon, II The Issues, III The Challenges, IV The Solution. This book was written as a commentary and analysis of the Trump phenomenon during this election cycle. “What One Man Can Do” will challenge and inspire even the most awakened reader. I hope it re-enforces and validates what you may already know. There are useful tools and insightful content that will lead you to more research. There are over 140 footnotes as live links to the web to assist you with this process. And lastly, this book was designed with the hope to awaken others to what you already perhaps know and that being that this may be “America’s Last Stand, No Trump-No Hope.” This book in part will cover such topics as the following:

Understanding the enemies of Donald Trump-How this will convert voters

Three-step action plan of what you can do right now

Includes phone, e-mail contact of major media, RNC and others

30 reasons to support Donald J. Trump for President

How to detect truth from lies in local, regional and global media

Why Donald Trump is the only candidate who can Save America

Why politics and party affiliation no longer matter

The two most important questions to ask a Trump opponent

Breaking free from Global Governance and the New World Order matrix

We will rebuild or we will perish-our strength is in our unity

Connecting the dots on why Trump should be President

Civilization as we know it is about to change-This is your wake-up call

Share this book with everyone you know and on your social media accounts as perhaps a tool to inspire others during these critical remaining months. We must unite in large numbers. This may be the most important book of 2016. Inspire others. Read it-share it. When your children and grand children ask you “Mommy-Daddy, what were you doing when Global Governance and the New World Order were being implemented?” What will your answer be? Freedom, it’s up to US!

“What One Man Can Do” will be available for just $9.99 as a digital pdf download as well as for Kindle users on Amazon. Subscribe here now and you will receive a personal e-mail the moment the book is available along with a free copy of my 2015 book “Misconceptions and Course Corrections”.  The Trump book will be on sale on or before May 1, 2016. Watch for the release announcement in your e-mail in box.

I personally want to thank you for your support in helping me towards the effort to elect Donald J. Trump for President. Everything depends on what we do here and now. Go Trump!

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