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The Senate We Did It God Bless the USA

The Senate We Did It God Bless the USA

Commentary and analysis by author, activist, John Michael Chambers

But will they vote? Hell Yeah! We did it folks. God continues to bless America.

Republicans and America wins the Senate in this historic mid-term election as the Democrats and shadow government of this world experience yet another critical setback.The globalist’s cabal now tremble as Trump and this movement threatens their totalitarianism world government. Although optimism has returned, the battles rage on as our brave, brilliant and blessed President, Donald J. Trump leads America’s second revolution. Never underestimate what one man can do.

Thank You President Trump – Thank You We The People – Thanks God

“We must not surrender to the false song of globalism. So, I am asking everyone to join this incredible movement. I am asking you to dream big, and bold and daring things for your family and for your country. I am asking you to believe in yourself again and I am asking you to believe in America. And if we do that then all together we will make America strong again, we will make America wealthy again, we will make America safe again and we will make America great again. God Bless you!” – Donald J. Trump

And So…

The battles will rage on as the Democrats and Deep State will not let up. Follow Q. Follow Kevin Shipp. Watch this spot on analysis of what is to come, Martial Law and Military Tribunals. Things are about to get very real now that these mid-terms are behind us. Oh yeah, and with the House controlled by the Democrats now, watch how they will implode and make every perfect mistake possible paving the way for a 2020 landslide for President Trump (providing there are elections in 2020 due to martial law).

When your children and grandchildren ask you, “What were you doing when the global governance was being thrust upon America and the world?” What will your answer be? Freedom…it’s up to U.S.. Let’s keep on keeping on as there are many battles before us. Get inspired. Feast on this!

Resurrecting America

As General George Washington was divinely inspired and protected to form America, Donald J. Trump is divinely inspired and protected to resurrect America. Pray for our President.

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