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The Trump Bump

Soon we will see the Trump Bump in the polls. But let us first digress. When you look back on Donald Trump’s entrance into the arena to run for President of the United States you will see similarities with regards to Trump entering the general election as the presumptive and soon to be Republican nominee. I wrote about this phenomenon in the post titled Gandhi Trump 1237 delegates. Have a look it’s an important and quick read. But like before, when no one took Trump seriously, he rose in the polls knocking out 17 competing Republicans and went on to exceed the required delegates (in spite of the crooked GOP shenanigans i.e. Colorado) in addition to breaking many records all along the way. And so soon we shall see the Trump Bump.

Don’t Be Fooled

Today we see (depending which one of the polls you look at it), that Trump is perhaps lagging behind Hillary or at a virtual dead heat at best. There is all this talk of Trump’s campaign in trouble with only $1.3 million reported on the last and most recent FEC filing compared to Clinton’s tens of millions.  The FEC filing shows a huge fundraising gap between the candidates. Since the recent FEC filing Trump has embarked upon an aggressive and successful fund raising campaign. Furthermore, Team Clinton has produced over 400 spots that are now airing nationwide on television railing against Trump, while Trump has virtually no nationwide spots running to date. Trump has a reported 70 staff to Hillary’s nearly 900 staff as well as the media and the wealth of the world covering her back not to mention BHO, judges and more, keeping her out of prison and seemingly in the lead. Then we have the recent firing of campaign manager Corey Lewandowski and of course Trump is getting hit from both the Republicans and Democrats and has Soros and other powerful entities going all out to destroy Trump. Understanding the enemies of Donald Trump. Yes the Donald is in danger. Then of course there is the media. But don’t be fooled.

The Trump Bump

Soon in my opinion we will see the Trump Bump in the polls, perhaps this has already begun. If and when Trump gets through the RNC and walks away with the official nomination, the Trump Bump will begin. And the debates? Trump will pulverize Clinton. Sure the well oiled Clinton machine is well prepared to drudge up what they can on Trump but with a 30 plus year career as tainted and scandalous as Hillary Clinton’s, void of any noted accomplishments (notice she never talks about her 30 + year record of accomplishments?), the deck is stacked against Clinton not Trump. Donald Trump is not only intelligent but also NY street smart. He is quick on his toes and is the master counter puncher who is well known for doubling down. Mark my words, these debates if polled properly, will result in the Trump Bump on steroids.

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