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The Unpopular Candidates

The unpopular candidates. One candidate is unpopular for her lies. The other candidate is unpopular for his truth. I will go with the latter. George Orwell said it best “In a time of universal deceit – telling the truth is a revolutionary act.”. Of course the media in general gives Hillary a pass as well as in the Democrat debates. Where were the questions about Benghazi? The Clinton Foundation? The possible indictment for the e-mail scandal? Meanwhile the assault on Trump has been relentless from day one with increasing intensity from both left and right. A nation led by lies dies. There are two front runner candidates running for President only one of them is facing felony charges and possible indictment by the FBI.

The Unpopular Candidates

According to a Fox News poll , Clinton’s negatives  now surpass Trumps, uhh-you think? The campaign slogan for Hillary Clinton should be titled White House or jailhouse?   She has quite the resume for a life-long career government servant. Watergate 1974, Whitewater 1978-1998, Vince Foster Suicide 1993, Travelgate 1993, Chinagate 1996, Senate Campaign Donations 2000, Clinton Foundation 2001-2016, Sandy Berger 2007, WikiLeaks 2010, Benghazi 2012, Haiti Mining 2012, Private e-mails, 2012.

There was also the Monica Lewinski issue and the alleged sexual assaults and infidelity cover –ups but this is nothing compared with some more recent events and scandals surrounding Mrs. Clinton. There is the Clinton Foundation misappropriation of funds, the Arab Spring, and the controversy over Clinton’s involvement (or lack thereof) in the Benghazi tragedy. And now front and center there is the e-mail/server scandal. There seems to be an increasing agreement across party lines within the voting public that she is a pathological liar.

Trump is not perfect either. There is no perfect candidate, get over it. But he is the only front runner candidate that is not facing felony charges and possible indictment by the FBI. I support Donald trump and here is a list of some of the reasons that I do. I will take Trump the Nationalist over Clinton the Globalist any time. I know one thing for sure Trump will pulverize Clinton. However, pray for Trump as the Donald is in danger.

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