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The War of 2020 – Make Sense of the Madness

The War of 2020 - Make Sense of the Madness

UN Agenda 2030 Unfolding Before Your Eyes

So this is what a New World Order looks like. Control over every aspect of our lives all across the globe. A vote for the Democrats is a vote for this. Think before you vote. And if they succeed, (and they will not), forced testing and forced toxic vaccinations, asserting additional control in many aspects of our very existence is what lies ahead just around the corner. People control. Population control. Please watch Part I of Agenda 2030 here then Part II here. This may help you to make sense of the madness.

Let us keep in mind, President Trump and we the people, are really their only formidable challenge to accomplishing all of the goals set out in the UN’s Agenda 2030 plan. And Trump is not ushering in the NWO, nor has he violated the Constitution. In fact he is leading America’s second revolution from the NWO. We are at war and in a national state of emergency, the Stafford Act and other war time measures now in place, gives the President enormous powers to protect this country from enemies both foreign and domestic.

War of 2020

Why This Why Now?

President Trump and team are very close to exposing the pedophiles and child sex traffickers along with the deep state and all those operatives involved in the felonies that have been committed along with failed coup d etat’s, and treasonous acts. Remember, Pedophilia is the Achilles Heel of the Deep State. This is what the 160,000 sealed indictments are all about. The deep state knows that we are on the offense. And with all the previous failed attempts to splinter our movement for freedom and to detract Trump supporters, to de-legitimize his Presidency, and to remove him from office, have failed. So shall this. Don’t listen to the doom and gloomers. They are working from bad intel and old agendas. Move on.

After the impeachment hoax failed, (of which many will be tried in civil and military courts), they hit us with Soleimani in Iran to try to bring Trump into war. That back-fired and came and went in a flash as did the terrorist Soleimani himself, I might add. It is election year with only seven months now left, so the evil monsters, often dressed in fancy business suits, unleashed the Coronavirus. Yes this is indeed a false flag op which will kill far more than the 911 false flag op. Still not sure how these false flag ops work? Watch this.

Now this is quite the challenge I must say putting the President in a most awkward position by having to shut down the economy. If anyone can work his way out of this one, it’s Trump and team. You see, and I have written and spoken about this over the past three years, they will try to take down the economy to prevent Trump’s electabilty in November of 2020. This will fail. But that is what this Coronavirus PLANdemic is all about. Seeing that Trump is not re-elected and preventing them from being exposed and tried. This and people control, population control, and forced toxic vaccinations is what this PLANdemic false flag is all about.  Let’s continue to make sense of the madness.

China, pandemic, Coronavirus

What We Are Learning

This far transcends politics. This is a battle between good and evil. Nobody said that this would be fast nor easy, seizing the power from those controlled by such evil. Having said that let’s move forward. We are learning much from this PLANdemic. Trump was and is right. We are learning that sovereignty is critical to the survival of a nation. This is why Trump has put an end to Globalism.  Border control turns out to be of utmost importance, hum, imagine that.

We cannot rely on China as the worlds manufacturer. This PLANdemic has exposed this as well. So bringing the manufacturers home is yet another lesson we are learning from this. And the currency? Well I have written about that in a stand alone article since nobody else is taking this historic event on. Read it here and click on all the links within please before tracking me down with questions. Yes, you can’t MAGA unless you control your currency. Seems Trump was and is right again.

We are learning that the WHO and even the CDC are not acting within the best interest of the people in the main. Too much to write. Watch the discussions in the interviews linked up below. We are also further cementing our inclinations that the MSM, the Fake News, are indeed owned and controlled and following their marching orders and yes this does include FOX NEWS, as they fan the flames of fear and buy into all this BS. What are they reporting and commenting on? A false flag. A big fat series of lies. This is a clandestine PSYOP of sorts and they are serving the deep state well as the deep state’s controlled megaphone.

What are we learning? We are learning that we are fighting for our country. Fighting for our freedom. Fighting for our lives as Trump leads America’s second revolution. Yes, we are at war. They are clinging onto the final shreds of a dead and dying paradigm. I hope you’re not. Get on board and quick! Let’s continue to make sense of the madness.

The War of 2020 - Make Sense of the Madness

Ten Days Of Darkness – We Are At War

We are at war alright, at war with an hidden enemy called the Deep State! Remember promise made-promise kept. Donald Trump told us that if he gets elected President back in 2016, that he will not be like Obama and Bush. He will not tell the American people all the time what his next military move will be. Well, that is happening RIGHT NOW, today, and big league, (It’s not “bigly”). Mark my words.  Read between the lines.

We are now in day six of Tens Days Of Darkness. Yes, soon, we might have some power and or communications disruptions, let’s hope not, time will tell.  Perhaps situational riots, we shall see. Perhaps a real pandemic may be unleashed since this one will prove to have failed soon. This is of concern to many, including Robert David Steele, ex CIA. This ties into nano particles and 5G. Watch the videos linked up below. Now they are adding another potential impeachment to the flames going after Trump via a possible investigation for what they falsely claim are violations and mishandling of the false flag they themselves unleashed. These acts will continue until such time the key individuals are seized. This day is approaching. It’s either us or them.

The majority of the country is in some form or another, locked-down. This may escalate. Time will tell. We are told that the next several days to two weeks are critical. We are told that these present guidelines will carry on through May 3, 2020. What we are not told, at least directly, is that mass arrests have begun in Italy and in the US. We covered this on our daily broadcast, subscribe for free here and get up to speed. Hollywood is panicking. My Co-host, Kelly Ruiz has done excellent reporting on this on News Behind The News, it’s simple., FOLLOW US.

Soon, the child sex trafficking and pedophilia rings will be exposed. Soon with IGI, IGII FISA, Rudy Giuliani’s Ukraine files on AG Bar’s desk in the Dept. of Justice, the on-going Epstein case, (we have flight logs, the black book, witnesses and pictures and films), and the soon to be released criminal investigation work by US Prosecutor John Durham, I did say CRIMINAL INVESTIGATION against the deep state, the dems. and individuals in the media and Hollywood, along with many others is expected to hit late Spring early Summer 2020. Soon the world will see some very evil and disruptive uncomfortable truths. This swings the pendulum rather quickly. The deep state is going down but not without a fight as you can clearly see with this PLANdemic insanity.

Trump : Plandemic

MOAB (Mother Of All Bullshit)

We’ve heard of the Mother Of All Bombs? Well this is the Mother Of All Bullshit! And we are not by any means out of the weeds. This is an attack on our health and on our wealth. Dr. Fauci and Dr. Birx are not your friend. These are long standing deep state globalists and Trump has exposed them. Watch how it all plays out a bit down the road. Listen to the interview with Dr. Sherri Tenpenny and James Grundvig in the links below and you will understand just what it is that I am talking about. President Trump knows exactly what is going on and must play the game as you see it unfolding before you. But this is an intel battle. The real war is not aired on the MSM and FOX NEWS. You must seek other sources for information. Request a copy of a free report, How to Detect Truth From Lies In The Age Of Fake News and in this report are dozens of live links to other places for you to explore.

There are many that are commenting and writing articles and doing videos etc., whom in the past were often times accurate. I am afraid to say, some of them, some of the time today, are in fact operating in the old paradigm. The old talking point mantras if you will. After all, garbage in-garbage out. Come aboard. Get with the program or you will be gone with the Fake News.

Many Faces of FoxNews: bullshit

MMM (Military, Money, Mind)

If it is of any comfort to you, it is to me, the importance of the three M’s. He who controls the military, the money and the mind is in control. Who controls the military, Trump. Who controls the money? The Fed and CB of which Trump just seized enormous control of in a series of steps towards a complete Global Financial Reset. Who controls the mind? Well sadly still for many, it’s the Fake News in the main in addition to many other things such as the indoctrination (education) system, entertainment and advertising etc. So we must think for ourselves. Trust but verify. Research. Ask questions. Become truth seeking critical thinkers and GET ON BOARD. Do our own homework and change the Channel.

War of 2020: Trump

Ponder This

Remember nothing is as it seems. This is an intel battle and has been for years. Will the President expose the child sex trafficking rings very soon? Will hydroxychloroquine and other non vax medicines treat this virus? Will the numbers (although falsely tabulated and skewed beyond the beyond if you listen to Dr. Sherri Tenpenny in the interviews below), flatten out soon ad putting an end to these practically nationwide stay at home orders? Will this most likely end by Easter, miraculously, with CDC, WHO and Fauci and others to be blamed for misinformation and hype? Will the sex trafficking and pedophilia along with the other investigations mentioned earlier shift the narrative as Americans in most parts of the country return to work?

China – Russia – USA Takes Down The Deep State

Now get this. Is it possible in this intel battle, that China, Russia and the US are working together right now to overthrow the deep state? And all we are watching is a show? Optics? Deception. After all, they know that so long as Trump is President they know the trade policies of Trump. They know that Trump has ended the Globalist’s policies, agreements and plans.  They are aware of the end of the Petro Dollar, The Fed and the CB system. They understand currency revaluations and restoration of sound money with perhaps an asset backed dollar with gold as the main source? Presently is China really at war with Trump? Ponder this. Time will tell.

God Is In Control

I know one thing, Trump has beat them at every hoax and coups’, and he will work us out of this one too and perhaps sooner than you may think. From Sun Tzu’s Art of War, “Appear weak when you are strong”. Trump is setting them up. Yes it’s dark. It’s scary. There are discomforts, uncertainties and so on. Everything will change soon. Nothing can stop what’s coming. Nothing. Be vigilant. Be prepared and stay safe. Stay the course and trust the plan. We are on God’s side and God always wins. Perhaps we may be in church this Easter Sunday. Pray for our President and his family. Pray for America and for humanity as evil is being exposed right now. This is dark to light.

Q flag pin


John Michael Chambers : Making sense of the madness

Clarion Call

This battle will rage on for the rest of our lives. Pray for our President and his family. No Trump-no hope. What we do right here, right now is for posterity. So when your children and grandchildren ask you “What were you doing when the global governance was being thrust down the throat of America and the world, what will your answer be? Freedom, it’s up to U.S.

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