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Three Probabilities For The Presidential Election Outcome Clinton Trump Obama

There are more than likely Three Probabilities For The Election Outcome Clinton, Trump, Obama. The country is consumed with the election coverage and social media commentary and the world is waiting and watching. Most of us know how critical this election outcome is and its effect all across the globe. I believe there are three distinct probabilities concerning the outcome. But first this.

The Selection Process

Its the selection process and not the election process. We are told that the voters do not determine the party nomination. We know that the electoral process in America goes beyond all types of sinister fraud. We know that our candidates have always been selected and heavily financed thus controlled. We also know the media is controlled by the same vested interests who have selected the candidates and so the talking points are drilled into the public continuously setting the agenda as they so desire. Then Donald Trump, a non-selected candidate arrives on the scene. The self-funding Trump commanding continuous media coverage and with a message that is resonating with the majority of the American people in an historic and unprecedented way. This has the ruling elite and the ultra left wing loonies frantic and going all out against Trump.

Three Probabilities For The Presidential Election Outcome Clinton Trump Obama

The first one we have is Hillary Clinton, the selected one. I believe if all goes well, (according to their plan), she will be the President. It is apparent she will not be charged by the FBI for both the e-mail scandal and the Clinton Foundation misappropriation of funds. Meanwhile her statute of limitations is running out, how convenient for her. Jailhouse or White House? I’m afraid it looks like the White House.

The second option is of course Donald Trump. It is apparent that the will of the overwhelming majority of the people have made their voice and vote heard. However Trump was not supposed to happen not only is his nomination in danger due to the GOP stealing it at the RNC, but his life is also in danger. Then we have voter fraud that is taking place and not to get more votes for Trump but rather away from Trump so there is that to deal with.

If they are unable to stop Trump, then there is the third probability and that being the elections will be suspended. There will be one of many possible false flags or multiple false flags which will trigger unrest leading to martial law and the suspension of elections. This will keep President Obama in office indefinitely which would be most convenient as it will allow the next phase of the implementation steps of Agenda 2030 and other programs towards eliminating sovereign nations towards global governance and the new world order. This is why the US Constitution has been virtually shredded as it has no place in the future. So there you have it my friends. Three probabilities in my view. Clinton (more than likely), Obama (God for bid) and Trump. No Trump, no hope.

Forget politics and parties. We will rebuild or we will perish. The choice is yours. This election cycle should it come to be, is a vote for our posterity. Our strength is in our unity. Choose wisely America. Freedom it’s up to US.

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