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Time + Trump = Winning

Time + Trump = Winning

Commentary and analysis by author, activist, John Michael Chambers

What an exciting and amazing time to be alive. For those of us who have been awakened to the tactics of the left and the once secret shadow government and deep state, we now rejoice in the blessings and enormous progress that is presently taking place. Time + Trump = a much more engaged and informed electorate. The left and deep state are in a panic now and it is they who are are on the run. Time + Trump = Winning.

Unlikely Leader To Emerge

Back in 2008, having formed the Save America Foundation a 501(c)(4), I was quite busy as an activist of sorts. We held monthly forums, large scale conventions in multiple states and I began my speaking tour to Tea Parties, Patriot Groups and Republican Clubs covering eight states, dozens of cities and eventually three countries. I also hosted my own radio program called “Freedom, It’s Up To Us” on 860 WGUL, Tampa Bay market.

But fresh off the heels of Bush II and the havoc his globalist presidency wreaked (yes of course I voted for him), we ended up with BHO, the treasonous fraud. Now Barry, picked up the torch and carried the globalists’ NWO agenda forward but on steroids if you will. I had come to the conclusion that America could not be saved at that time as our freedoms and civil liberties had been decimated over 24 years of three deep state puppet presidents. That’s the present time realist in me. The long term optimist in me knew and stated in public and in writing, that we will see the emergence of a great leader, an unlikely great leader (and leaders) who will arrive in hour final hour of need. Brexit aside, that most unlikely leader arrived on an escalator on June 16, 2015, his name Donald Trump.

Star Trek

The Save America Foundation was like Star Trek, we went where no man had gone before. You see the Tea Party and many Republican Groups at that time distanced themselves (not all) from the SAF . Why? You see, back from 2008 – 2014, being very active across America, much of the subject matter of what we addressed fell upon deaf ears and we were labeled a bit of a fringe group, you know ” conspiracy theorists”. You get the idea. Well people like Judge Andrew Napolitano, Sheriff Richard Mack, G Edward Griffin and many, many other brilliant and brave patriots supported the SAF. They knew what we knew. But most of Americans  were still in their hypnotic trance and oblivious to the real and present dangers that were wreaking havoc on our way of life.

Hypnotic Robotic Flock

Back then when you surveyed a room asking if the Federal Reserve was a government agency, more than 50% raised there hands believing this was true. Well today when I survey, 99% know that the Federal Reserves is no more a government agency than Federal Express.

You see the SAF also addressed the taboo subjects like extreme voter fraud and voter theft, again gaining little support from other activists groups whose help we needed in exposing this in order to move the agenda forward. We talked about media bias (including FOX), false flags like 911, school shootings, Sandy Hook, Oklahoma, Waco and so on and people were appalled by such “outlandish assertions”.

We shouted from the rooftops that there was a shadow government controlling the two headed one party system that was taking us down to serfdom. We spoke of MK Ultra and other deep state CIA methods of using subjects to carry out their missions. We lashed out against the WMD narrative as a pretense to go to war with Iraq. We helped spearhead Agenda 21 (now agenda 2030 has arrived) and this too took a long time to be realized as a devastating disruptive uncomfortable truth. We provided historical and current data showing who the Bush’s, Clinton’s, and Obama’s were. I can go on and on but I think you get the point. The problem is the “sheeple” were not ready. Our pulpit and voice was too small. This all changed with the emergence of Donald Trump. As you recall, he stated at the RNC “I am Your Voice” and indeed he is. And so now, everything has changed.

Pad Thai Noodles and The Escalator

We all have our story. What’s yours? It’s like…where were you when JFK was assassinated? Well where were you when you recognized the miracle of Trump? Me? I was in Thailand (my second home) enjoying Thailand’s amazing cuisine. Thanks to my Mac, good WiFi and YouTube, I missed nothing. So there I was watching the now famous escalator moment on June 16, 2015 when Donald Trump made his official announcement that he was running for president and he was serious and this was real. Immediately I got chills and said to myself – “could this be the most unlikely leader that will emerge in our final hour of need that I stated and knew would arrive back in 2011”? My instincts was yes, as my intuition was spot on. So I launched my blog website, writing almost daily in support of Trump and then wrote the book “What One Man Can Do” in support of Trump’s candidacy. If you send me an e-mail, I will send you within 24 hours, a free digital copy of this book.

So after enjoying five years in Asia, it did not take me long before I flew 10,000 miles back to the USA, wrote the book “Trump and the Resurrection of America” (since nominated for the 24th Annual Colorado Independent Publishers Association EVVY Awards), and resumed my nationwide public speaking tour in support of Donald Trump. I am actively writing and speaking to this day in support of Trump and the resurrecting of America.

Time + Trump = Winning

And so there is much truth to this simple formula; Time + Trump = a much more engaged and informed electorate. Don’t be swayed by the once powerful media. It’s all BS. They too are exposed and in complete panic. They have basically De-cloaked as has the bulk of the rest of the enemies of freedom. Today the subjects that I mentioned and much more are gaining widespread acceptance and from more and more people and not only among activists, but from every day folks who tend not to get politically engaged. This awakening extends to an ever increasing number of Democrats and leftists as well. Not just vocal and notable powerful successful celebrities like Rosanne Barr, Kayne West, Dennis Rodman, Kim Kardashian (to name only a few). But mark my words, there will be millions of closet Democrats and independents (in the closet for now), who will cast their vote for President Trump in 2020 which will perhaps be the greatest 48 state landslide in US history.

We are winning and the left and deep state are now exposed and on the run. And after the 2020 election, we may see the end of the two party system as we knew it and will open the doors for true free and fair elections. Today, I can proudly say that I am a Trump Republican. More on that subject at  a later date. Let’s get this absolutely critical mid-term under our belt. Get out and vote. And so my friends, the formula, Time + Trump = Winning is a juggernaut, a phenomenon that wont go away anytime soon. In fact this has just begun. This is happening by the Grace of God as God’s fingerprints are all of this.

Action Changes Things

Get out there. You will get more accomplished than sitting here on FB! Meet like minded patriots and be a part of the MAGA agenda. A “Troop for Trump”. Join a local Trump Club, Republican Club, Tea Party and Patriot group. If not us then who? If not now then when?

Pray for our President and let’s give this man Donald Trump a round of applause for his incredible bravery and service and give him all the support he needs. When your children and grandchildren ask you – “What were you doing when the global governance was being thrust upon America and the world”, what will your answer be? Freedom, it’s up to us. Stay safe and God bless.

Nominated for the 24th Annual Colorado Independent

Publishers Association EVVY Awards

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