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Trump 2020 Landslide

And with the wave of the hand – Trump ‘s election is secured.

Did you watch the Democrat debates? I tried to get through it all but only survived the first 45 minutes or so of each debate, the “A” list debate and the “B” list debate. These debates may have driven the last nail in the coffin for any chance for a Democrat to win the election against Trump. I did call a Trump historical landslide at least a year ago for the 2020 election in one of these weekly posts, but as the President said on Twitter the other day in response to the whether or not the candidates would provide illegal aliens with unlimited healthcare, “All Democrats just raised their hands for giving millions of illegal aliens unlimited healthcare. How about taking care of American Citizens first? That’s the end of that race!” – Donald Trump on Twitter. Yup-lights out-game over!

Bottom Line Take Aways

No American flags. No mention of America. Open borders. Killing babies even after they are born. Medicare for all, no private insurance. Raise taxes to the rafters. Socialism. Oh yeah, transgender women, (born as biological males), are to receive free abortions-boggles the mind. The deep state, the media, the left wing lunatics and the Democrats are imploding and panicking. Their party is over. Things will ramp up last quarter of this year and into 2020 as the deep-state de-class gains momentum, mark my words.

So, in a nutshell, there you have it. The Democrat party of JFK is dead and gone. And so now with these debates behind us and another 16 months of more insanity, our Democrat neighbors, many of them, will be voting for Trump. And according to recent surveys, 18% of the black community supported Trump in 2016 with 36%-39% supporting President Trump today. I agree with the President. It’s lights out, game over. Trump was the winner of these debates.


All that being said, get out and vote. Get other Republicans registered and get them to vote. Let’s get busy on the swing states, the battleground states. The Democrats, independents, blacks and Hispanics are already coming aboard. In my opinion, voter fraud and election theft aside, Trump wins the electoral college and popular vote in a historic landslide. Focus. Get busy. This election will determine whether America has the chance to be resurrected or end up in the dustbin of history. Fight for what’s right as though your life depends on it. Why? because it does. Know your enemies well.


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