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Trump Clinton Opposite Sides Of The Spectrum

Once again with the debates of the century just weeks ahead let’s take another look at some of the important campaign issues concerning the survival and direction of America in this post titled Trump Clinton Opposite Sides Of The Spectrum. So I will break this down here int three sections, economy, immigration and terrorism.

Trump Clinton Opposite Sides Of The Spectrum

Economic: As far as economic policy is concerned Trump would like to restore and maintain free market capitalism supporting global trade that serves America’s interests first and foremost. Clinton on the other hand represents a government controlled centrally planned economy diluting the benefit and power of the U.S. as it gets diluted and absorbed into programs like the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) for but one example not too mention the United Nations programs such as Agenda 21 and Agenda 2030.

Immigration: Donald Trump wants to halt immigration for anyone that cannot be vetted, with special emphasis on those coming in from Muslim areas, terror sponsored nations and Syrian migrants until we can establish a reliable system to assure the safety of Americans. Donald Trump wants to build a wall to protect our borders and have Mexico pay for it. While Hilary Clinton wants to increase unvetted immigration of Syrian Refugees by 550% despite the fact that they cannot be vetted and could be radical jihadists – sworn enemies of the United States. Hillary opposed building a wall.

Terrorism: Trump believes this is our biggest threat and will work with Russia and others to annihilate ISIS quickly vowing to keep America safe. Meanwhile Clinton will not even say the words or address the issue.  She has provided funding and support for numerous radical Islamic groups as Sec. of State including ISIS. She has been quoted on the record saying that Muslims are peaceful people and have nothing to do whatsoever with terrorism. [Editor comment – boggles the mind].

We can see how diametrically opposed these candidates are on most if not all of the critical issues. Trump and Clinton are on opposite sides of the spectrum indeed. Visit this post titled Apathy Nuclear Option for a breakdown in grid format of the two candidates and share this post on your social media accounts.


It is important to understand the difference between Nationalism and Globalism. This post is a good place to begin. Ask yourself, what kind of America and what kind of world do you want to live in and leave for posterity? Vote wisely or we will lose this once great nation and send the world rapidly into a dwindling spiral of death and destruction leaving the demonic powers the victor.

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