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Trump Continues To Soar

In spite of the orchestrated non-stop attacks from the NWO matrix with their endless supply of money and control over the media talking points, Trump continues to soar taking five more states in a landslide. Then there is Ted Cruz who finishes off dead last with a zero chance (mathematically) of getting the nomination, announces after getting “shlonged”, his choice for VP, yikes. You can’t make this stuff up.

Trump Continues To Soar

You see the more the enemies of Donald Trump continue their relentless assault, the more Trump continues to succeed. Donald Trump now with 987 delegates (even after the ongoing delegate theft), is only 250 delegates away from the magic number of 1,237 delegates. With the momentum that Trump has and the remaining states including California, Trump is on his way to the RNC in very good standing.

Soon, providing the GOP does create chaos by brokering a convention and trying to steal the nomination from Trump and the voters in America, Trump will be the Republican nominee and we will see a dramatic shift on the campaign trail as Trump will begin to focus on his one opponent, Hillary Clinton of which in my opinion, he will pulverize her. Furthermore after Trump receives the nomination, I believe we will see increasing support coming over to Trump  from the Sanders, Cruz and Kasich camps as Trump makes his way towards the White House.

Which Do You Prefer

A Sovereign nation with a Constitutional Republic or an Oligarchy following the orders of the NWO towards global governance? In essence this sums up the direction and future of the United States of America. Choose wisely as this is America’s last stand, no Trump-no Hope. Subscribe and receive your free digital pdf copy of my 2015 book  “Misconceptions and Course Corrections-A Collection of Critical Essays For Our Times”.

Clinton Or Trump You Decide

Forget politics and parties. We will rebuild or we will perish. The choice is yours. This election cycle should it come to be, is a vote for our posterity. Our strength is in our unity. Choose wisely America. Freedom it’s up to US.

The Most Important Book Of 2016

“What One Man Can Do” the new Donald Trump book to help swing voters. America and freedom itself is at a crossroads. Civilization as we know it is about to change. This is the most important book of 2016. This is America’s last stand as the world awaits, No Trump-No Hope. Learn more by visiting this page. Congrats! You’ve made it this far you’re and engaged reader. What are your thoughts? Share your comments here on this blog post. I would like to hear from you. Also share this post on your social media accounts.

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