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Trump Ethics Justice and the Border

Trump Ethics Justice and the Border

Commentary and analysis by author, activist, John Michael Chambers

When individuals or groups and nations cannot restrain their unlawful and dangerous behavior, they must be restrained by others. Thus ethics, justice and the rule of law. We see this every day in life and we see this today with the caravan invasion approaching the United States. This is why President Trump, adhering to the Constitution and the oath he took before almighty God to protect and defend America from enemies both foreign and domestic, has rightly deployed the US Military to our borders. Hail-hail to President Trump our commander in chief.

Order out of Controlled Chaos

Within this planned, well-funded caravan invasion of the United States, there are perhaps some who actually are fleeing and truly seeking political asylum. There are also many, many pawns in this mix that really have no idea what they are doing and are being used like cannon fodder by those who have orchestrated this. There are also some very dangerous elements within this caravan invasion and I will leave it at that. Bottom line is there will be chaos and confusion and violence soon at our border. President Trump as commander in chief will restore order and the rule of law at the border. Game over folks. Come in legally or you will be turned away or dealt with accordingly; ethics, justice and the rule of law.

My Front Door

We all have a door on our home. Why? To help protect us from unknown and uninvited guests, to keep us safe and protect our privacy and way of life. Is our nation any less important than our home? So why is everyone so upset with President Trump for saying we need to protect our borders to keep potentially dangerous uninvited guests out of our country? There are many reasons but here is the bottom line.

The Globalists, and the elite along with the help of the UN, have been moving us towards a New World Order or a one world government stripping the sovereignty away from nations. One such stellar example is what they did when they created the European Union and the Euro. How did that work out? Look at Europe today. Not so go. Think Brexit.

You see climate change, TPP, NAFTA and so on, are all designed to “level the playing field”, redistribute wealth and resources and eliminating sovereign nations. On the floor of congress back in the Bush II days, you will find discussions about the North American Union and the Amero. Like the European Union and the Euro, Canada, US and Mexico were to be a border-less nation with a regional currency. Until Trump. The other reasons for the border out-lash against Trump is because of the money that is made by the deep state and others through the porous borders. Guns, child sex trafficking and drugs. Big profit and control center. Has nothing to do with the Fake News attacks against Donald Trump from campaign 2016 until now about he being a racists etc. etc. etc. Complete nonsense and most people know this by now. They have unleashed scores of false narratives through the controlled fake news matrix propaganda, programming the non-critical thinking people into a robotic regurgitating hypnotic flock. Wake up butter cups! Trump is uninstalling the globalists plan for the New World Order. Send the Troops sir, we support and thank you.

All You Need To (let others) Know

All you need to know and to let others know about this subject can be found here by this brilliant and must watch analysis by Mark Levin.  A great article written by my good friend, Dr. Richard Davis (R.I.P.), is a must read and it is titled, “My Front Door“.

I was invited to speak by Nancy Randolph a black woman school teacher and Republican activist for Trump, before an all black church in Orlando. My 4:00 minute speech on the cost of illegal immigration is telling and can be viewed here.  At this church meeting, I met Amapola Hansberger President of LIFA (legal immigrants for America), who spoke of her journey arriving to the US legally. She has recently been seen on FOX NEWS and her website can be found by clicking here. And finally back in 1999 (I’ve been at this a long time folks), I wrote a song reflective of this and other related subjects and that can be viewed here on YouTube titled, “New World Order – America Shall Be Free“. Please share this post with others. Our borders are worth defending

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