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Trump Global Support Coming Soon

Trump Global Support Coming Soon

Commentary and analysis by author, activist, John Michael Chambers

We did it! Well not quite yet but if we stay on this path of winning, as we embark upon exposing then taking down the Deep State, with God on our side, President Trump will not only have an increasing amount of support from many more Democrats and left wingers, (ensuring a massive landslide in 2020), but President Trump will soon have widespread global support from not only leaders of many nations but of a vast number of citizens throughout the world. Call me crazy go ahead.

You will notice I tend to post links of my own articles from the archives. Why do I do this? Because these previous posts are a record of my forecasts on most critical issues facing the nation and the world. Albeit, not always 100% accurate, but quite the track record. With post titles like this one (and many others), I have been labeled crazy, conspiracy theorist and all kinds of things by all kinds of people. But I tend to get much greater numbers of supporters that follow me along my journey of providing commentary and analysis which at times includes visionary forecasts. Please stay with me here as I stroll back in time just a bit before I come to my final closing point of why it is that Trump will gain global support. If you read this post from start to finish and explore the most important links within, my closing summary may make more sense for you. So here we go again. Trump Global Support Coming Soon.

It’s Either Us or Them

In this post titled It’s Either Us or Them, dated back on July 15, 2017 I spoke about the fact that this fight we are engaged in is for all the marbles. We have to win. We must win, because it’s either us or them that will be taken down. Trump was not groomed and preparing his whole life to arrive in DC and lose. And with the hand print of God all over this president and this land, failure is not an option. The point of this previous post was to stress the severity of the situation and to lend hope and support by stating the criminals within will in fact be tried and justice will be served. That led me to this post titled Trump’s Nuremberg Style Trials Coming Soon.

Trump’s Nuremberg Style Trials Coming Soon

Probes, hearings, investigations, grand juries, indictments, trials, tribunals, justice. The title speaks for itself written back on August 12, 2017, and it is worth reading this brief article if you have yet to come across it. I took a lot of heat for this one too, but today the tide has turned and many now see the reality of this as well. I mentioned way back then in that post, (only to see bewildered faces), that pedophilia is the Achilles Heel of the Deep State. You will find that link in there as well. On June 10, 2018, I followed up in support of this statement with a very important read triggered by what I believe is the murder of Anthony Bourdain in a post titled, Pedophilia the Achilles Heel of the Deep State.

The Deep State itself, as a term if you will, was written about by me back on February 17, 2017 titled Dangerous Deep State Undermines Trump. The term Deep State itself, back then was barely even used if at all by MSM and the masses. Well in the post Trump’s Nuremberg Style Trials, I posted a link from of a confidential report by David Brock of media matters (a Soros interest). This is a blueprint of exactly what they planned to do (and are implementing to this day), to delegitimize our voice (censorship and other tactics), delegitimize and remove this great president. They will not let up ever, until we turn the tide completely. And as of today, June 14th, flag day, and the birth date of our 45th president (Happy birthday Mr. Trump), the turning of the tide has now begun as we are approaching the most critical steps 6 and 7 on the Scale of Discovery and Action, another important read. As we enter these steps the dangers for our president and for all of us, will escalate as they are being cornered and soon check mated. Protect yourself and your family. Protect your wealth. Pray for our president.


So I state right here, right now that global support for President Trump will become an increasing trend. Some will remain enemies. Many more will not. Some will praise and support this president simply to be on the winning side and seek favor. But many more will truly support President Trump as he leads America through it’s second revolution, resurrecting America and setting humanity on a much needed course correction. You see, there are actually many good leaders and people throughout this world. They remain powerless and fearful suffering at the hands of the evil globalists, the ruling elite and their once concealed and controlled matrix that now is exposed and thanks in no small part to Donald Trump. FORMULA: Trump + Tiime = a more informed and engaged electorate and populace. Alas! The great awakening is upon us and there is no turning back.

Yeah I know, over this next several years the MSM will portray a different picture from what is actually occurring and yes there will be legitimate disapproval from leaders and others throughout the world along this journey. Perceived friends (we are seeing this today, Canada is but one example) will become enemies and those whom we thought were enemies will become friends (NOKO?), but mark my words, in the end Trump will have gained open global support from many, many leaders and people throughout this world. Another reason for this is leaders of nations and institutions will begin to change hands as well. Never underestimate what one man can do.

Although in my view we have been given this chance by the Grace of God, we must exercise our will. We must act. We must support and we must be vocal. Do not be afraid to speak the truth and expose the evil you see before you. The opposite of love is not hate. It is fear. Don’t go there. And when your children and grandchildren ask you, “What were you doing when the global governance was being thrust upon America and the world”, what will your answer be? Freedom, it’s up to us. You can learn much more and become further energized and inspired if you read my latest book “Trump and the Resurrection of America“. Send me an e-mail requesting a free digital pdf of  the book and I will send you a free digital copy. Or, order it through the link provided. I could use your support.

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