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Trump I'm Gonna Break Up The Rigged System

Trump I’m Gonna Break Up The Rigged System

The system is rigged and I’m going to break up the rigged system. As far as I am concerned, his simple statement really is at the core foundation of Donald Trump’s entire campaign. You see the shadow government has seized control over the entire process from education, to entertainment. From the media to global trade. From the voting and electoral process to the increasing tyrannical police state. The U.S is becoming a lawless nation thanks to the Executive Orders and the corrupt, complicit and complacent congress both left and right. The once great and powerful United States has become the worlds largest debtor nation with a depleted military, representing a third world country. With unemployment levels hovering in the 24% range. The U.S. dollar will soon cease to exist as the sole world reserve currency and the controlled markets (Stock, bonds etc.) will soon come crashing down like we have never seen. Trump has warned us about a very massive recession at the doorstep.

Part of the system break up that Trump is referring to will include the following; Monopolies, Auditing the Federal Reserve, NAFTA, The U.N. and how the media itself operates to name but a few.

Business As Usual

If you want business as usual. If you want the U.S. to become a sovereign-less nation swallowed up and consumed by the globalists design of a tyrannical New World Order, then vote for Hillary Clinton. If you desire to restore America and actually set humanity on a much needed course correction, then vote for Trump. No Trump-No Hope.

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And on a more direct political note, pick up your copy of my latest Donald Trump book, “What One Man Can Do”. This book does not only challenge even the most awakened reader but it also can serve as a valuable reference guide and tool to awaken and inspire others that need your help coming aboard.

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