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Trump Restores Hope For America

Trump restores hope for America, victory speech a must watch speech. On Tuesday June 7, 2016 Donald Trump gave perhaps one of his best speeches to date paralleling his foreign policy speech back in April 2016. With the absence of significant voter fraud and election corruption, and so long as false flags are not employed triggering the election suspension or perhaps something worse, Donald J. Trump will lead the GOP to victory in November. Real change to restore our Constitutional Republic and America’s place in the world is coming soon.

Trump Restores Hope For America

Trump went on to say  “I will never-ever back down and our country will never-ever back down”. “I understand the responsibility of carrying the mantle and I will never-ever let you down”. Trump went on to say “I fought for my family, I fought for my business, I fought for my employees and I am going to fight for you, the American people”.

Donald Trump has received more primary votes  than any other GOP campaign in history. That is worth reading again Mr. Ryan. Clinton has a horrible 30+ years of public service. She sits on top of a mountain of problems. As we will soon enter the campaign for the general election Trump expects his lead to grow substantially over Hillary Clinton (who belongs in prison) over the months to come. I believe Trump is 100% correct and he will pulverize Clinton in the debates. Trump despite the “hit piece” book that will soon be released by the Washington Post team of investigators filled with lies in a desperate attempt to derail the Trump train, will continue to soar. Donald Trump announced he will have a major speech dedicated to exposing the Clinton’s perhaps this coming Monday June 13.

Think we’ve been energized? Think we have seen it all? Trump is just getting started and the Trump movement to save America will continue to strengthen from July through November.

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