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Trump’s Financials


Sure, they are unloading the piled up subpoenas against the President and his family (all to no avail I might add), like the recent attempts at getting at Trump’s taxes and financials. Even if they get his financials, like the Mueller report, they will find no crimes. Another big fat nothing burger. And like the Mueller report, this too will blow up in their faces. Because if Trump cannot successfully appeal this due to the bought and paid for BHO activist’s judges, then there will be precedence in the courts. Trump will then turn around and subpoena the tax returns of crazy Pelosi and low IQ Maxine Waters to name but a few. With good reason, we can assume, in their financials, you will find crimes of the high order.

The left will continue now to make mistake after mistake. The world changed last week. Put on your seat belts my friends and fellow patriots and pray for our President and his family.

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