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Trump’s Nuremberg Style Trials Coming Soon?

On July 15th 2017, I wrote this blog titled “It’s Either Us Or Them” which addresses the view that this is it. We have this chance for perhaps the very first time in recent history to reverse this dwindling spiral into the ruling elites tyrannical, totalitarian global governance police state. We the 63 million who supported Trump had better come to realize that the Donald is in Danger and so is our country and all of civilization for that matter as the Dangerous Deep State Undermines Trump. And so, are Trump’s Nuremberg Style Trials Coming soon? I believe so and here’s why.

Killing Trump?

I have written extensively here on this blog site about how David Brock, Soros and others are out for blood as Media Matters is fighting to destroy President Trump and to delegitimize our President and remove him from office. It is laid out clearly step by step in this once private and confidential report which I obtained a copy of and blogged on back in February 17, 2017. And finally today, this report has reached cable news thanks to Sean Hannity.  And now the efforts to remove Trump from office have escalated to talks about killing Trump. The enemies of freedom and sovereign nations and the enemies of America are no longer in hiding. They are in your face in broad daylight and so these are increasingly dangerous times. In pages 134-153 of my latest book titled “Trump and the Resurrection of America“, you will find perhaps a non-conventional and somewhat radical but legal and Constitutional steps that President Trump must take in order to regain control of this nation to help Make America Great Again. It is not business as usual folks. We are in a deadly serious battle. This was sent to the President back in late 2016, I encourage you to read it and share it everywhere. After all, solutions is where we need to focus our attention and quickly. I have said this before, Trump is playing three-dimensional chess with the world and so if you thought the OJ trial back in the 1990’s was captivating, wait until Trump’s Nuremberg style trials consume the worlds attention.

Trump’s Nuremberg Style Trials Coming Soon?

Nuremberg style trials are on the horizon and coming soon to a theater near you, actually for the entire world to see. It’s no wonder the non-stop efforts and aggressive attacks to remove and or kill Trump are escalating. Soon, Trump will re-open the 911 investigation and this will change everything. Meanwhile Jeff Sessions will not prevail as the Clinton investigation has been re-opened. Watch soon for the investigation then indictments concerning the pedophilia ring and all the names that will surface once this begins. Pedophilia is the deep states Achilles heal. It’s no wonder they are frantically moving to normalize child sex and to legalize this, it’s either us or them. This is it. And so the Nuremberg style trials are at our doorstep.

What To Do?

Pray for President Trump and his family. Pray for this nation. Share this blog post. Share the David Brock report and use it as a tool tool on social media to raise awareness and to combat their efforts. Pick up a copy of my book and send pages 134-153 to the elected leaders in Washington and post these on social media. Donate money directly to President Trump. Become expert at detecting truth from lies in the age of fake news. And prepare for an economic tsunami that is on the horizon. Protect and preserve your assets because they too are under attack and most economists (including the President himself), agree there is a correction of magnitude at the door step. Heed the call.

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